Page 58 of Filthy Boss

I turned to face him. He pressed his lips to mine as my hand slowly stroked his cocked. Our tongues dueled like angry snakes. I rubbed the underside of the head of his cock on my belly, leaving a trail of his salty juice on my skin.

Tanner put his hands under my arms and lifted me onto the sink. With my ass on the edge of the counter, I spread my legs for him and he moved in closer. He hooked his arms under my knees to support my legs and ass. I took his cock in my hand and guided him into me. The head slid inside me and we both smiled.

I braced my palms on the counter top. With his arms under my legs, he lifted my ass off the counter and slid fully into me in one thrust. It pushed the breath from my lungs and made me gasp in the most glorious way.

Tanner slid his cock in and out of me, slowly at first, then a little faster, then a little faster still. His cock and balls were quickly covered in glistening juice that filled the air with the tangy aroma of sex.

We both looked down to watch ourselves fuck. I loved to see his cock sliding in and out of me. He loved to watch my pussy lips grab and hold onto his cock as it slid past them.

This was our favorite position because it gave both of us an amazing view of our carnal connection. It was almost like watching your own porno, only better.

Tanner thrust into me and a shudder quaked through my body.

He was pounding into me faster now, harder.

The slap of our flesh joined the sound of our heavy breathing.

I glanced up at Tanner. Every muscle in his body was flexing.

His head was back.

His teeth were clenched.

His eyes were closed.

He breathed through his nostrils like an angry bull.

“I’m… cumming…” he moaned. “Come… with me…”

I closed my eyes and joined him for the ride.

A few more deep thrusts and Tanner pushed his cock into me as far as it would go and growled as he came.

As he filled me with his hot cum, my own orgasm hit.

I threw my head back and squeezed my eyes shut and felt my entire body shake as the orgasm overtook me and sent me over the moon.

When I was over, we opened our eyes and looked down.

We were a hot mess.

And we wouldn’t have had it any other way.