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“See, she wants me to fuck them. Did you hear her? All that talk about showing them hospitality. That’s precisely what I plan to do.” Zep got up and crossed the room to stand beside me in the mirror.

Frenchie, who had gone back to work the minute my mother had left, was all done with me. While he worked with Zep, I called a few of my friends and made sure they were coming. The man promised to have us looking sharp by then.

After Frenchie left a girl showed up delivering our masks. I’d opted for the plague doctor look, while Zep preferred the hawk mask, and both of us looked like a pair of vicious birds.

She showed us how to put them on and then before she excused herself, I slipped her one of my last invitations to the ball, which lit her eyes. “Thanks,” she said, before leaving.

“Why did you do that?” asked Zep.

“I saw the way you looked at her, and she’s talented. Look at these masks. Wouldn’t she be a hotter fantasy than those dragon twins you’re after?” Anyone would be.

“No, man. I want those girls, and I want them before the night is over, so I’d appreciate any help you can give me.”

“You want me to recommend it?”

“Fuck, I don’t care, but if there is an opportunity, your help will be appreciated. Sadie always did like you. Halle told me so.” Sadie was the crazier of the two and downright scary.

I didn’t want to promise her shit and get her on my bad side. “I don’t know, man. Let’s play it all by ear and see how the night goes. I’m not getting stuck with those girls all night.

It was a party after all, not a punishment. But I was sure if things didn’t go as planned for me, my mother would make sure that in the end, it was both.

Chapter 7


I was in my room hoping to get dressed without any interruption from the twins. I was officially off work until the party, at least that’s what Nola had told me, and I wanted to milk every single minute for all it’s worth.

I was shocked when Millie came up wanting to help me get ready and even more when she started telling me stories about my mother. I hadn’t known Millie knew her when she was so young or that Scott Blue had known my mother long before Nola, from what she told me.

“So, they knew each other a long time before I was born, then?”

“Oh yeah, and you know, you should wear this one.” Millie held out the pretty blue gown I’d thought about wearing.

“I’m not sure. I wanted to wear that one originally, but Halle warned me that I shouldn’t wear her color.” I had no idea what the girl would do if I decided to go against her warning, but considering I didn’t want to rock the boat, I thought it best to listen.

Millie huffed. “Her color? If I’m not mistaken this is the perfect match to your eyes, and besides, she doesn’t own the shade, only the name. Besides, this gown was made to match those eyes.”

“My mother’s eyes were not blue.” I thought that was what Millie was referring to, but then she gave me a knowing glance, and I wondered for a moment if my mother had matched them to another set of eyes. They were the same exact color.

“My mother was a huge a Scott Blue fan, wasn’t she?” I narrowed my eyes, and Millie let out a long breath.

“She was his biggest.” She gave me a wink, and I didn’t bother questioning things further, but I wondered how my mother matched the color so perfectly as if she’d spent hours studying the color.

“Are you going to wear your mother’s jewelry?” Millie picked up the pieces from my collection that I’d laid out, her fingers unhooking the clasp of the bracelet and then closing it back.

“Yes, but those aren’t my mother’s pieces. I designed those myself, and I’m hoping to do as well as my mother. I’d like to make a name, but I need some connections.”

“Your mother had plenty of connections, surely some of them would be willing to work with the daughter of the great Layla Ford.”

“I’ve had Nola help me a bit, and I know a few people, but I was trying not to lean on them too much. It hasn’t gone well. I’m afraid they don’t seem to like me much.”

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