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“You deserve to be spoiled now and then too, besides, you’re—well, you’re very special. Those girls are just jealous of you.” She smiled, and I could tell there was a hint of sadness in her eyes. “You look so much like your mother.”

“Thanks, Millie.” With that, the driver, who she’d called Anthony, opened my door and I climbed inside the white Rolls minding my dress.

The ride there was quiet, and I took the time to breathe and relax knowing that when I got back around the twins, I’d want to poke my eyes out. I had no idea what Millie meant by them being jealous of me. How was that even possible and why? They had everything and what they didn’t have their money could buy them. New lips, new boobs, new clothes, and what could I afford? Nothing but to be their assistant. Not for long. I felt a new determination rose inside me and I pepped myself up with the idea of meeting that one special person that could change my life forever. It was wishful thinking sure, but more fun than sitting around moping.

In that long ride out to the Prince family mansion, I had plenty of time to fantasize and dream of my line becoming enough to open my shop.

I missed the house at the beach where I’d grown up, and the large shop my mother had made in the garage and wondered if maybe now some nice family lived in it. Nola had told me all about how it had been sold, and I could only wonder if one day I’d be rich enough to buy it back. I would in a heartbeat.

As the car drove around the circle drive, I watched as many cars in front of me stopped and let out the people inside, all dressed to the nines in the highest fashions of the hour. My stomach twisted in knots and I gathered up my mask and put it on. I clutched my handbag that I’d slipped my phone in along with a tube of lipstick and then fumbled with the girl’s masks. I’d like to throw them out the window, but instead, I held them tight, stepping carefully out of the car as the valet held the door. I stepped out and onto a gorgeous red carpet that was trimmed in gold and it led right up to a pair of double doors that were opened wide, with two attendants on each side. I fumbled through my purse, realizing that everyone was presenting their invite as a ticket. Dammit! There had been no ticket for me.

Three more steps and I was about to be turned away. My heart sank to stomach like a rock as all the blood rushed from my face and into my hands.

Chapter 8


I was just about to go and greet my guests when all of a sudden Halle and Sadie Blue stepped out in front of me. Neither had their masks on, but both wore a cunning smile as if they had some kind of mission in progress, a dirty little secret that would be revealed soon enough. I tightened as they approached and stopped in front of me about five feet from the door.

“Aiden Prince,” Halle crooned. “Zep.” While my welcome was a warm smile, Zep got the curled upper lip. Halle didn’t seem to want to play with him again, but as my best friend stepped forward and showed her a little bit of attention by kissing her hand, she lifted her shoulder and tucked her chin like a shy schoolgirl.

Sadie, whose mouth turned down at the corners, didn’t seem too thrilled by Zep’s presence and I could only wonder if the two wanted me alone to themselves. They’d tried that on me before, but I’d never been a fan.

Her sister did not falter and eyed me like I was her prey. “Great party, Aiden. I notice you’ve left the backyard gate open.” Sadie eyed a girl who passed by with a drink in hand, and I realized she must have recognized her from the club. The girl was a receptionist, and it was probably her first formal party.

“Everyone invited is my friend, so I’m not quite sure what you mean.” I knew exactly what she meant, and I reminded me that my mother’s opinions of people weren’t too far off the Blue sister’s, which was disappointing. “I see you’re not wearing your masks.”

Halle giggled. “Please, Aiden you know we’re not much for playing by the rules. Besides, it’s not like everyone wouldn’t know who we are anyway. I mean, we knew who you were, so it’s not like it matters.”

“I agree, you really don’t matter.” The statement was harsh, but Halle laughed it off and turned her eyes back to Zep.