Page 16 of Claiming Cinderella

“So, how’s the reality show life treating you two? Did you get renewed for another season?” Zep was all about conversation with his twin fantasies, and I wished he’d toned it down and let them go back to whatever rock they slithered out from behind.

“It’s going well. Our manager is certain we’ll get the new contract and well, we’ve put a few plans into play to get what we want.” Halle shrugged her shoulders like it was nothing, but we’d all heard about her sex tape rumors and Sadie’s DUI. That mother of theirs, no matter what you want to call her, manager or manipulator, had leaked just enough to get attention without doing any damage. She played the game well.

“Lucky girls,” said Zep. He played the games better than anyone and knew just how to keep Halle eating out of his hand. Sadie was the problem, his kryptonite, she always had been.

Sadie’s eyes lowered as if taking in the sight of my well-fitting tux and everything beneath it. “Well, I’m sure we can catch up later. Like maybe tonight when this little shindig of yours is over?” She stepped closer and rested her hand on my chest.

“That sounds like a wonderful idea.” Zep smiled at Halle who nudged her sister.

“Yeah, Sadie. You’d be game wouldn’t you?” Halle’s look was to convince, and Sadie shrugged.

“I’d play if Aiden did. That could be a lot of fun. The more, the merrier.” I caught the grin the two exchanged and then, as I shook my head and looked away, I caught a glimpse of the most beautiful girl at the door.

Though her face was covered with an intricate filigree mask, her bright eyes seemed to illuminate despite it, and as my eyes panned down, taking in the perfect swells of her breasts and the soft curve of her hips beneath the blue silk she wore, I grew giddy. Then I realized I had no idea who she was.

I was quite certain I’d never met anyone with that figure, so perfect, it was like she’d bribed God himself to hook her up, and that beautiful long, blond hair, though it was pinned up like a coronet atop her head, would look just as sexy down. I had a quick vision flash before my eyes as I imagined it brushing against her ass as she arched her back beneath me.

Her eyes pled to the guard at the door, who was one of my mother’s hired thugs and no more courteous than a bouncer at a club. He shook his head and held up an official invitation for the woman to see what was required to enter.

I leaned my head toward Zep. “Do you know that woman?” He and the sisters sized her up as the guard continued to shake his head.

“No,” the twins said in unison. “She’s nobody,” finished Sadie.

Zep shook his head and let out a chuckle. “She’s a knockout.”

Halle nudged him. “If you like that type.” The twins were the total opposite of the beauty at the door, and while they were both dark-haired and as mysterious as the night, she was a golden beauty, as bright as day.

“Who wouldn’t?” I mumbled, my voice barely a whisper, but loud enough to get Sadie’s hackles up.

“She’s just another blonde bimbo.” Sadie folder her arms and I could have sworn I heard her sigh as I turned my eyes back into the girl’s direction. She was having no luck with the hired guards, and it was time for me to intervene.

“Excuse me.” I pushed my drink into Zep’s hand and took a step toward the door.

“This ought to be good,” said Halle with a wicked giggle as I left them to greet the timeless beauty at the door, still searching my brain for how I knew her, and not caring if I didn’t.

I would. Before the night was over, I’d not only know her, but I’d have her. A small inner voice was telling me that she was the one. The reason for the party. But it was so surreal that I pushed it to the back of my mind.

“What seems to be the trouble?” I said stepping up to the door.

“This is business with the lady and me.” The ogre’s voice was like he should have been chasing some poor kid up a beanstalk, but worse than that he had no idea who I was. I reached up and took off my mask, giving him a pointed glare. “Anything that takes place in my house is my business.”

“My mistake, sir. It’s just this one doesn’t have an official invitation, and your mother said—”