As I hit the top landing, I took a right and went into their wing of the grand estate. Sadie was on the couch, and she waved me away before I could say a word. I headed into the bedroom like I’d done a million times before, but on this occasion, Halle wasn’t alone.

She was bent over the side of the bed, her legs spread wide, her ass tilted upward and she was getting worked over by a guy I’d never seen before. I froze in my tracks, and when I turned around to leave, Sadie blocked me in, smiling at the couple behind me.

As her sister panted and moaned, through what sounded like the orgasm of her life, Sadie’s eyes narrowed. “Don’t tell me a little sex bothers you. You came all the way up here. Now tell us what you want.” Halle wasn’t paying much attention, but the guy she was with laughed.

I turned, not quite facing the busy couple, but enough to let the twins know I wasn’t intimidated, but then the guy caught my attention. “Hey, blondie, you want some of this?” I turned to see him stroke himself, fresh out of Halle’s channel, his cock glistening with her juices, and then she spun around to drop to her knees laughing.

She eyed me up and down. “You’re welcome to have a taste. I’m sure you’ve read we don’t mind sharing.” She took the man’s hard length into her lips, and my eyes widened as she took it down deep until his balls pressed against her chin.

“She’s amazing, isn’t she?” Sadie gave me a saccharine smile and crossed her arms in front of her.

I straightened my posture and held up my chin. “Truly. I talked to the chef, and he said that your request is denied and before you send me back, he also told me about your mother’s allergies and how the menu needs her approval.” Sadie laughed, and then her attention went to her sister who was still deep throating the man. I took a quick glance but looked away.

“Are you sure you don’t want a taste?” Halle crooned from her knees. I glanced that way solely to tell them they didn’t intimidate me, but my cheeks burned red as he shot his load all over her tits. She dragged her finger through the mess and gave it a taste. She got up and used the silk sheets to clean the rest of his release from her and then dropped it to the floor. She pulled her robe around and kissed the man.

“I’ll be waiting in the shower,” he said. Then he glanced in my direction. “You’re welcome to join us, Blondie. Actually, both of you.” Without a word to Halle, he strolled into the bathroom and turned the water on, leaving the door, so all three of us had a view.

He looked a bit older than her but not much older than me—maybe twenty-five or six at most, and he was incredibly handsome with a dark tan and sandy brown hair and smoldering eyes. Not to mention his impressive size, which Halle took like a pro.

At twenty-three I was hardly a prude, but I didn’t care to see things on display, and I despised the girls that they played these wicked games. I didn’t understand why they couldn’t just be normal, but then I guess they’d never been.

I turned to Sadie. “We still need to go over your schedule. I know it’s freed up a bit, but you still have that promo shoot and that guest appearance.”

Halle walked up behind me, the smell of sex wafting around her. “Relax, our manager will remind us.” She was referring to their mother who had taken on the job as their manager since they were old enough to say Hollywood.

“No, she won’t actually, your mother told me to handle it. That’s why she hired me.” I let out a breath as they laughed.

“Is that what you think?” Sadie and Halle both said at the same time in creepy twin fashion, but then Halle continued alone. “That’s what she wants you to think. You’re her charity case, nothing more, and she’s simply trying to make you feel relevant since your mom died.”

Ouch. My jaw clenched, and I lifted my chin, determined not to let them get to me. “Wouldn’t be easier just to let me do my job?”

The two exchanged a look, and then a shared smile spread across their faces, but this time it was Sadie who spoke, “What would be the fun in that?”

Halle sauntered away to join her man in the shower, and Sadie stepped out of the way so I could escape.

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