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“Oh shit, brother. You’ve got that starry-eyed look. Already dreaming of a bright future.”

“Let me tell you, if things go like I think they will, my mother could get her wish.”

“Let’s just hope this girl isn’t a waitress or a stripper.” I gave him a narrowed glare, and he held his hands up. “Easy, boy. I’m not trying to insinuate anything.”

“Then do as I ask, and I’ll make sure you get your threesome.” He nudged me as the twins crossed the room, each taking out arm, Halle with Zep’s as usual and Sadie with mine.

“I think you two have that psychic twin connection because Aiden and I were just talking about you.” Zep laid on the charm as the two ladies exchanged a smile.

“Oh really, and just what were you two boys talking about?” Sadie met my eyes with hope in hers.

“Well, you girls have an advantage over the entire house being more like us than the others. I mean, we’re practically brothers, wealthy, handsome.” I smiled at the girls as they giggled, falling for my lines as I’d hoped.

“I mean, let’s face it. None of these others losers can size up.” Zep shrugged, and I nodded.

“My only problem is my mother expects me to do the right thing and watch the party, lay on the charms, and of course, look available.” I gave Sadie a sultry smile. “That’s tough when I already know exactly what I want.” I wasn’t about to tell her I wanted her, but I’d have to do enough smiling her way to make her think it. Her ego would do the rest.

“I told him that I’d take care of you ladies for the night, at least until he’s done and then, well, we can all go back to Aiden’s room and have a little fun.”

“What kind of fun?” asked Halle, who was practically purring as she writhed against Zep, her knees crossing as if she had an urge.

“Well, brothers like to share as much as sisters do, so I think if you’re okay with it, we’d like to take turns. Have a little foursome of sorts? You know, make this night so much more interesting.” Zep gave me a smile, and I nodded, laying it on nice and thick for them.

Sadie stepped in closer and locked her arm around mine. “Would that turn you on, Aiden, seeing me and my sister being fucked by your friend?”

I met Zep’s eyes careful not give anything away and then I glanced down into hers letting them smolder. “More than anything. Why don’t you give her a little kiss for me right now? Give me something to tide me over while entertaining the others.”

She took Halle’s hand, and the two leaned in close and pecked each other on the lips, no more passionate than a mother and child. Then they grinned. “You’ll have to wait for more than that. We don’t perform for an audience, private guests only.”

“Then I’ll just have to sit and daydream.”

“I could give you a little kiss to tide you over,” Sadie offered.

I leaned in and gave her a little peck, about as quick and painless as the one she’d given her sister. “You’ll have to wait too, but feel free to get started without me, I want you nice and limber when I get ahold of you.” I slapped her ass, and she gave a maniacal giggle that would give a horror fan chills.

“Then it’s a deal.” Halle smiled and kissed Zep on the mouth. And Zep leaned in and took Sadie’s face in his hands and slowly kissed her. It went a little deeper than I’d expected from her, but she gave me a little wink after.

I leaned in and ran my hand up the back of her neck and pulled her ear close. “That’s such a fucking turn on.” Stepping back, I gave her a wink. “I had better go and entertain the others. You keep my friend, Zep here happy and out of trouble for me, okay?” She gazed back at me with such wonder in her eyes that I knew she was good to go. I shook Zep hand and slapped his back. “Make sure you take good care of our girls.”

“Sure will. I’ll have them ready for you.” He gave me a wink before the three of them strolled away. Then, I knew I had to move fast and find Ella.

Having to pretend with the twins was enough to make my stomach turn but as soon as they were gone off with Zep happy, I put my attention back on the mysterious Ella. I didn’t even know her name and knew that was the first thing I’d have to remedy, especially if I wanted to find out anything about her. Zep was supposed to keep the twins at bay and keep his ears open for any clue about Ella.

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