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But I pulled her in for a quick peck, which she accepted with a smile and another one back and then I brushed her loose strands away from her face. “I could get carried away with you, and someday I’d like to.”

“I’d like that too, but you have a whole party down there.” She gave me a look that told me she didn’t want to go any more than I did.

“Promise me you’ll go out with me sometime and accompany me while I play host.”

“I promise. But there might be people down there that take issue with me and you being together.”

“I’ve never cared about what other’s think, why should you?”

“Well, the girls I came here with, they’re pretty vicious, and since I work for them, I don’t want to step on any toes.”

“You won’t. Let’s go down, and if you see your friends, you can introduce me to them.” I gave her another quick peck, and she stood with me, still seeming like she was unsure.

It took all of my willpower to lead her back downstairs and to the party. Zep and the twins were nowhere to be found, and that was a good thing. I wanted to give all of my time to Ella. We walked down the stairs and about halfway down, I took her hand.

She seemed surprised, and a little cautious, but then she smiled and lit up the entire room. She was so amazing, and I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by her. I stopped her, pulling her hand and pulling her close.

I had needed another kiss from her, and my aching cock needed more too. I hadn’t been this infatuated so quickly in years, and I hoped that she was too.

But as quickly as I had kissed her, I noticed someone coming toward us as we hit the last few steps. Ella stiffened beside me as she looked up and saw Zep and the twins, totally overlooking my mother as she dropped my hand and bee-lined for the gruesome twosome twins.

Chapter 13


I was walking on a cloud as I descended the stairs with Aiden Prince, and I felt just like a princess, as he stopped and kissed me, in front of an audience. But then I caught a glance at the people around us and noticed one angry woman coming his way, her resemblance so similar to his, that I knew in an instant she was his mother.

Before I could worry about her though, my attention was turned to the Blue twins. They stood across the room with Aiden’s friend, and both were draped on him like ornaments, and upon a closer look, I realized why they were so adorned and why they’d run me out of the bathroom. They were wearing my mother’s jewelry from my personal collection, those special pieces that I’d said they couldn’t borrow.

Aiden’s mother stormed up to him as I pushed past and headed across the room to the girls who were both giving me glares that one would expect to turn me to stone.

“What are you doing with my jewelry!” I snapped.

“Fuck your jewelry, you basic bitch! What are you doing with Aiden?” Sadie lunged forward and grabbed my arm dragging me off to the other room. Halle followed, but I wasn’t afraid of either of them. All I wanted was my mother’s things back. I glanced over my shoulder to see Aiden trying to get to us when his friend stopped him.

Once we were away from the rest of the party, they let me go and stood glaring with their arms crossed. I straightened my back and squared my shoulders. “Aiden talked to me. He kissed me. He likes me. Get over it. And if you don’t take off my mother’s jewelry this instant I will choke you to death with it.” I glared down my nose at the two of them, and Zep caught up to us and pulled Halle to safety.

“You’re so stupid. How could he want you when he’s already made plans to be with both of us?” I tried to catch my breath as I realized what they were saying. “That’s right, Ella dear, Aiden isn’t interested in you, he’s only killing time entertaining the drags of his party so after we can have a little foursome fun, and you’re not invited.”

“You’re lying!” I snapped.

“No, we’re not lying. That’s why we’re entertaining Zep here because when Aiden’s done with this boring little party, we’re going to fuck the both of them. If you don’t believe us, ask him yourself.

I turned and looked at his friend who looked like he’d been caught with his pants down. It was true. I narrowed my eyes and pegged him with a glare wondering where Aiden was and if his mother still had hold of him. “Is that true, Zep? Did Aiden make those plans.”

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