Page 34 of Claiming Cinderella

“Yeah, I’d always thought they seemed familiar.” My smile faded, and then I gave him another telling glance.

“Shit. That means the twins are your sisters.” He closed his eyes and shook his head.

“Yeah. So, again, it’s been a hell of a night. And the sad thing is, I’m not supposed to know because Nola doesn’t know. The twins don’t either, of course.”

“Talk about family secrets.”

“Yeah, so they fired me, earlier tonight. My little sisters.” We shared a laugh, but I wanted to cry. “I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m supposed to be moving out, per their orders, but Millie tells me since I’m her granddaughter and she owns the house, that I can stay as long as I want. But how do I live there with that secret?”

“You could stay here if you need to.” My back stiffened, but I shook my head.

“That’s generous, but I can’t do that.” I realized he’d left his party to come after me and wondered if he was going to hear about it from his mother. “Thanks for leaving your party for me.”

“I’d rather be here with you than with anyone else.” His warm mouth landed on my neck, and the chills went straight to my core causing it to ache and throb.

I turned my head and captured his mouth and then I shifted toward him, and him toward me until we were facing. His hands came around me, pulling me closer and my hand found his thigh. He matched my touch, placing his hand on my thigh and rubbing soft circles, inching his way between them, closer and closer to my sex. I nudged forward, helping his hand find its way and then in another minute I was grinding against him, and my hand was busy on his hard erection through his clothes.

“We don’t have to if you want to take it slow. It’s not why I brought you here, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t want you right now, Ella.”

“So, have me,” I whispered against his jawline making my way to his ear where I nipped his lobe.

He pressed his hand firmly against me, rubbing with a soft pressure that had my tender bud swollen and ready for more attention. As if reading my mind, he obliged, slipping down off the couch to his knees and pushing up my dress. The blue silk bunched around my hips, and I lay back, lifting my ass so he could pull it up and over my hips. Then he slipped down my thin, lace panties and left them around my knees for a moment as he let his eyes linger on me. Then she slipped them down further, and they brushed my calves before slipping away from my feet.

His hands parted my knees and then slipped up my thighs, his thumbs brushing against me, one parting my folds as the other found my clit. I bucked forward at the pleasure, and he smiled, liking the torture he inflicted. He pulled his hands away and then rubbed my soft, bare mound.

“You’re so beautiful.” His head dipped down, and his mouth moved on me, caressing me softly as I rolled my hips against him. I was drenched between my legs, just an inch away from where he lapped and nibbled, and then his strong hand returned to my sex, as the other reached up and stroked my nipple.

As his thumb worked across my tight pink bud, his finger slipped deep into my channel, caressing my walls which ached for his hard length.

I’d only gotten a quick feel, but it was enough to know what he had waiting for me. It was long and thick, the bulbous head nice and fat with a defined rim.

I wanted it so bad, and to give him the pleasure he was giving me. I writhed against him, his hand pulling back, but only to add another finger which he used to spread me wide so his tongue could fuck me deep into my wet hole.

A soft moan escaped me, and he looked up, meeting my eyes, his hand still working. “You like that?” He curled his fingers, letting then work my most tender place as he stroked and I nodded and bit my lip as he drew his tongue across me, not breaking his stare.

I lifted my foot and ran it against his hard cock. “I want to feel you.”

“I can arrange that,” he said, getting to his feet and taking my hand. I sat up and then slipped down to my knees, and his eyes widened. “I was going to take you to the bed.”

“Give me a moment?” I reached for his zipper, feeling my silk slip down over my hips as I lowered it, and tugged down his tuxedo pants.