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“Be my guest.” He smiled as I undressed him. He’d left his jacket and vest in the car, and his shirt was long untucked. He unbuttoned it as I slipped his pants down, and then it fell from his strong shoulders and to the floor. He stepped from his pants and kicked them aside. I stood up and turned around, lifting my hair so he could take down my zipper. I let the dress fall and then slipped off the fine lace strapless I’d wore to match my panties.

Once we were both naked, I lowered myself back to my knees and took in his tight, muscular body on my way down. His strong shoulders, perfect arms, broad chest, and of course his rippled abs were impressive, and I wondered how long he spent a day keeping himself in such physical perfection.

But the sexiest part of him was only inches from my face, jutting out proudly, as thick as my wrist and long enough to be a challenge. I wasn’t sure I could take him, but I leaned forward and rested my hands on his legs as I took him into my mouth. His fat, swollen head was like a ripe berry ready to burst on my tongue, and I gave it a hard suck, pulling a tiny drop of nectar that had splashed against my tongue, salty and sweet all at once.

His hand found my hair and caressed I softly, I’d taken it down on the way home in the car, the intricate crown I’d braided had not done my throbbing head any favors, and now I was glad I had. He gathered it up and held it. I felt his heavy sac bounce against my chin, and I relaxed my throat, wondering just how much I could take and lowered myself. His hand held my hair tight, pulling me against him as if he’d read my mind and as his thick cock filled up my throat. His fat head popped past my tonsils, hitting the limits. I spasmed a bit, and I moaned, holding me on it until I eased through it. Then he pulled me off, and his eyes met mine with wonder as if he were truly amazed.

“You’re fucking perfect.” He pulled me up to my feet and held me steady as I wobbled. “Let me take you to bed.” I nodded, and as he led the way up the stairs, I got an amazing look at his ass.

“You’re perfect too.”

Chapter 18


I led her up those stairs as fast as I could without dragging her, and my cock was chilly in the breeze with her spit still drying there. I had loved her mouth on me and had nearly busted my load in her throat when she took me down. Most women couldn’t handle me that deep, but Ella was full of surprises.

When we got to the bed, she stood beside it looking up at me with wonder in her eyes, her perfect tits so perky and proud catching my attention. I couldn’t help but gawk at her. Her hips were nice and curvy, but she had the smallest waist, and that bare little cleft—she tasted like a juicy little peach. So sweet.

“Where do you want me?” she asked and what a loaded question that was. I wanted her everywhere in every way possible.

I lay her back against the bed, keeping her ass close to the edge so I could dive back down for another taste. I spread her legs wide as she lifted them up, resting them on my shoulders and against my back as I tended to her little slit with my tongue. I pulled back and got another look at her and licked her from her tight little asshole to her sweet throbbing clit, and she moaned and wiggled beneath me.

I pushed my fingers in, watching as I did. I couldn’t help but imagine my cock there, how tight she’d be around it. No matter how much I teased and poked, her tight little walls always snapped back. I lifted up, stroking my cock, spreading her juices I’d gathered all around it, especially the head.

“You want this?” I didn’t have any protection and wasn’t sure if she’d insist, but she tugged me closer with her heels and assured me it was okay.

“Yes, I want it, Aiden.” Her words sent a punch to my balls, and I was so worked up I had to focus.

I aimed my head for her tight little slit and nudged it against her meeting her eyes as if needing more permission. I wasn’t used to getting to go in bare, and I couldn’t remember the last time I had. Maybe only once or twice. It was going to feel so good.

I took a deep breath and pushed it deep, feeling a bit of resistance. I wasn’t sure if she was a virgin, but I doubted she’d had much experience judging by how tight she was around my cock. It felt amazing and I thrust hard, plunging to her depths until my balls pressed against her. I rocked in and out, fucking her nice and deep at first, loving the way her channel milked and pulled me deeper.

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