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I watched as her tits slapped together as my motion built up, rocking her beneath me. She moaned and writhed, her little slit stretching to its limits.

“It feels amazing, Aiden. I’m so close.” I loved the effort of her voice as if it too all she had to pronounce the words with my cock shoved in her.

“That’s right, come all over my cock, Ella. Don’t hold back.” And just like that she moaned and writhed, and her tight little pussy became even wetter, soaking my balls. “Fuck yes.”

I wanted to fill her up so good and as I thrust and ground into her that’s all I could think about was how good it would feel, but then she dampened that hope.

“I’m scared, Aiden. Please don’t finish inside me.” Her eyes pleaded with me, and I knew she was right. Neither of us needed to take that big of a chance, and I wondered if she was even on anything.

“I’ll put it anywhere you want it, angel.” I was suddenly preoccupied with all the other places that I wanted to bust my load: on her face, on her tits, in her mouth, in her ass, on her pussy. I wanted to shower her in it.

She ground her hips upward and put a finger to her lips. “Here,” she said with a shy smile.

“I can go for that, for sure.” I was already getting close, so I pulled away and took her hand, and she sat up on the side of the bed, her tits at the perfect height for my cock.

I pushed her heavy breasts together and slipped my cock between them. “Hold them for me.” She gathered her breasts into her hands, and I grabbed her head, pulling her closer, her chin tucking, her mouth open and ready for my cock.

With each thrust after that, I dipped into her mouth. She finally closed her lips around me, sucking and milking until she let go of her tits, letting them hang freely, and worked me with just her mouth, in greedy, eager pulls.

I felt my balls tighten and my cock swelled as hot jets of my release splashed into her throat. I felt her pull against it as she swallowed, gulping down as fast as I could shoot more. I held her head against me, letting my cock drip until I was finished and going limp in her mouth, and then I pulled away feeling a bit dirty for how we finished.

But she wore a big smile and didn’t seem to mind at all. My kind of girl. I might be in love.

Her cheeks reddened, and she covered her face. “I may have gotten a bit carried away.”

“No, that was hot. Get carried away with me all you want.” We share a laugh, and she pulled my hand until I lay down beside her.

“I don’t want to go home.” She stared into space as I kissed her shoulder.

“Then we won’t. We’ll stay here tonight if you want to, and I’m sure we can find some way to occupy our time.” I could feel my cock already waking back up.

“You think?” She glanced over at me and smiled a sly smile.

“I’m pretty sure.” I took her hand and placed it on my hardening cock. “And even if that’s not what you want, I’d rather stay here with you than be anywhere else.” About that time my phone rang, and I let loose a sigh and reached down to fish it out of my pants.

“It’s Zep. I should answer it.” I hated to take a call during such an intimate moment but considering I’d left without telling any of my guest goodbye I had a feeling my mother was in panic mode.

“It’s fine. I’m going to close my eyes a minute.”

As I answered, I stood up and pulled the covers back for her. I liked watching her crawl to the top of the bed, and my cock was fully hard, red, and throbbing by the time I said hello.

Zep’s voice deflated me a bit. “Man, where in the fuck are you?”

“I’m at the beach house with Ella. I’ll be here all night.” I got in beside her, and she curled up against me.

“Your mother is freaking out. She came into my room and caught me with the twins asking where you were. Sadie told her you took off with their maid and now she’s crying.”

Patricia never cried, but then again, the shock of seeing Zep with those she-devils was probably the icing on the cake. He was her baby as much as I was and seeing a woman or two or five leave the house through the week was much different than catching him in the bed with those two. “She’ll get over it. I’ll deal with her in the morning.”

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