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“Well, have fun. I hope it’s worth it.”

“It is.” I glanced down, and she had her eyes closed. I turned and put the phone on the nightstand after hanging up.

“I understand if you need to bring me home.” She never opened her eyes, and I smiled, stroking back her hair from her face.

“No way. I’m not sure I’m ever going to want to leave this bed. Not while you’re in it.” I pulled her closer and draped my arm over her shoulder.

“I could get used to this.” She placed her arm around me, her hand resting on my opposite side, and then she trailed it down to my hip, and across my front until her hand was laying across my hard cock.

“I could get used to this too.” I bucked my hips against her hand as it began to stroke me and we made love until the two of us fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Chapter 19


Leaving Aiden had been the hardest part about my morning until I realized I was headed back into the lion’s den to face the wrath of the twins. Aiden had offered to go with me, but I’d refused, telling him I’d call him and let him know how it went.

He wanted to walk me to the door, too, but I made him take his goodbye kiss in the car, thinking that rubbing anything in Sadie’s face might not be the best idea. He was reluctant to go, but it was something I needed I to face alone.

I walked into the house and Millie met me at the door. “FYI, the twins told Nola everything, and she’s in a strange mood, so I’m not sure what she’s going to try.”

“Well, I’m prepared to leave. I’ve got another place to go if I want it and I’ll just have to find another job.” I started for the stairs, but when I turned around Nola was coming down them.

“That won’t be necessary, Ella. Your employment here is secure, and I’ve had a talk with the girls. They are prepared to apologize and cooperate so that you may have a more comfortable time here.”

“I’m seeing Aiden Prince and if that isn’t something they can live with, then I’ll hand in my resignation.” I wasn’t about to have that held against me the entire time, but seeing as I needed my job and the money it paid me, I would only keep it if they were willing to accept that.

Nola’s eyes widened. “Are you now? He’s quite the catch, Ella, are you sure you’re not jumping the gun. Just because a man spends the night with you—

“He’s offered me a place to stay.” Nola’s mouth went slack as the words registered and then she straightened her shoulders as if she were trying hard not to be shaken.

“But surely, you’re not leaving us, I mean, Ella, this is part of your job living here.” She turned and looked to Millie who leaned against the banister to listen.

“I’ll stay and keep working, but I want you to know I have other options and a boyfriend.” Aiden had made it clear that he wanted that with me and though I was so nervous, I’d agree. It felt amazing knowing I didn’t have to fully depend on the Blue’s, even though I did need the job, I could always find another one if I wanted.

“I’m sure that won’t be a problem.” She glanced at Millie and then turned to give me a stiff hug. As she broke away, she slicked my hair down. “Breakfast is being served. I’m sure you must be famished.”

“I’m going up to change, and I’ll be right down.” My dress was a wrinkled mess, but I didn’t care. There was no walk of shame after a night with the richest most eligible bachelor in town.

I headed up to shower and change and joined them shortly after.

When I walked into the room, Sadie’s back straightened and her eyes met mine with enough hate that I should have felt it. Halle wore a sly smile as if she had a secret.

“Ella, dear. I’m so glad you joined us. The girls have something they’d like to say.” Nola gave them a pointed glare, and they both mumbled their apologies as they dragged their forks against their plates.

I sat and served myself some eggs and a waffle, drowning it in syrup and thinking of Aiden’s perfect lips and his goodbye kiss. I couldn’t see him soon enough again, and I wondered what the twins would say if their mother wasn’t around.