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Nola straightened in her chair. “I suppose with your new, rich boyfriend. You’ll have everything you need soon enough anyway.”

“New boyfriend?” Scott said, his brow pinched, and for a moment I wondered if his fatherly instincts were about to kick in. “Who is this new fella?”

“Aiden Prince. It seems our sweet Ella stole all of his attention last night.” It seemed like Nola wanted to rub it in her girl’s faces.

“Isn’t he a bit older?” Now Scott really did seem like he was a concerned father.

“He’s four years older.” I glared at the twins and smiled knowing their father wouldn’t want them with him.

Millie cleared her throat. “Four years isn’t so bad. Not like six.” She smiled sweetly at her granddaughters who exchanged a look before rolling their eyes. “Besides, Ella has always been a mature young woman, and I have no doubt she’ll make Aiden very happy.”

“I’m sure she made him happy all night,” said Halle with a giggle, but Scott cleared his throat and changed the subject.

All things considered, family breakfast with the Blue’s could have been much worse.

Chapter 20


I had just stepped out of the shower and put on a robe when Zep strolled into my room wearing a frown.

“I hope you had a good night,” he said as he lowered himself into my favorite chair and stared at the ceiling as I dug through my closet for something to wear.

“I did, the best in a long while.” I found a white cotton shirt and slipped it over my head and then dropped the towel to pull on a pair of sweatpants. “From what you told me, it sounded like you got your fantasy fulfilled.”

“Until your mother stormed in waving her hands like a lunatic and scaring the girls half to death, barely.”

“What do you mean barely?” That didn’t sound good.

“Well, it turns out that while they don’t mind sharing men, they do mind hooking up with each other and other than touching, they didn’t do anything remotely sexy with each other, which was half of my fantasy. Not only that, but Halle was in a terrible mood, especially while I was fucking Sadie, who seemed bored the entire time and kept asking me about you. The Blue Twins are not only brats. They’re boring brats. I need a new fantasy.”

“I’m sure Patricia killed what little action was happening.”

“We were almost asleep by then, but I was doing a bit of deep penetrating while in spooning position with Halle. So thankfully, I don’t think Patricia caught that I was actually dick deep in her when she barged in. Talk about losing a hard on.”

I winced thinking about it and hoped he didn’t continue to elaborate on the subject. My cock was shriveling in my pants at the thought.

“Tell me you had a better time. Did you nail Ella?” Zep turned and spun around in the chair to face me.

I had always told him everything about the women I’d been with, even the smallest details and he’d done the same, but I wasn’t sure I wanted him picturing those things about Ella. “Yes, and it was hot.” I decided to keep it vague.

“Hot? That’s all you’re going to give me? You can’t be in love with this girl already. It was one night.” He knew I kept a tight lip when I really liked someone.

“Come on, man. How was it? And hot doesn’t cut it.”

“She’s perfect.”

“Wait until she does something to piss you off, I’ll remind you that you just said that.” I didn’t care what he said, Ella was perfect. “At least be real with me.”

“Everything she did turned me on, and she made me come my head off. That’s all you get. I don’t want you gawking at her thinking about all the naughty shit I could tell you.”

“Well, now I want to know more. I’ll tell you all about the twins, every detail. They did touch each other. That was kind of hot.”

“Please, spare me.” It seemed even worse knowing that they were Ella’s little sisters. As if I didn’t already think they were too young. “They’re kids.”

“Ella’s only two years older, man. Halle told me that. You usually don’t even like them her age.” I hadn’t even thought to ask Ella her age, but it wouldn’t have mattered as long as she was legal. I knew she was older than the twins based on maturity alone.

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