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Sadie smirked and stepped in front of me. “We’re not going to ruin what you have. You’ll do that all on your own. You see, we really did have a threesome with Zep Stewart, and there’s something he let us in on long before that happened. He and Aiden love to share their women.”

“Yes, Zep did admit that’s their thing when their relationships get a little stale. So, it’s only a matter of time before Aiden starts to get bored and decides to let Zep teach you a few new tricks.”

They were hoping to get a reaction from me, but I wasn’t going to let them rattle my feathers. “We should get ready for that lunch date.” I turned and picked up my bag and shoved my phone and the new planner into the outer pocket.

“We’re only trying to save the heartache, Ella.” Halle lifted her shoulders and raised her hands in a what do you do fashion. “Aiden Prince isn’t the type who settles for one woman relationships. He’s had hundreds of women and never a steady relationship. Why should it be any different with you? He’s a known playboy, a creature of habit. You’ll see.”

“I’ll just go ready for that lunch date. I’m starved.” I stepped out, leaving in the direction of my room. When I got there, I took out the phone and called Nola about lunch plans. She had only wanted to meet the girls for lunch to take them shopping, and just like that, I was excused. I decided not to say a word to the girls and hoped I could slip out before they called Nola themselves.

Once I was out of the house, I texted Aiden and told him to meet me down the road from the house.

Chapter 22


I hadn’t ever had to sneak around while in a relationship before and trying to keep from shoving my sexual habits in my mother’s face by rushing out a few one-night stands didn’t count.

I took the long road up the Blue’s mansion and stopped just outside the gates where Ella stood shifting on her feet and looking over her shoulder.

I pulled up beside her and let down the window. “Hey, sexy lady. Do you need a ride?”

Her face tinged red, and as she smiled, her whole face lit up. “Yes, and let’s hurry. I sneaked out of the house, and I want to leave before they realize I’m gone.” She opened the passenger door and slid into the seat beside me.

“All of this sneaking is kind of a turn on. I didn’t realize I was dating a bad girl. I like it.” I leaned over and gave her a quick peck on the lips and then stepped on the gas. My tires squealed, and she laughed, looking back at the house as we sped away.

“You’re not very good at sneaking away. Remind me never to rob a bank with you.” She ran her hand through her hair and dropped her bag to the floorboard. “Where are we going?”

“I guess I should feed you, but after that, I could take you back to my place if you want. We can hang out there or go do something. I’m not picky. I just want to spend some time with you.” I kept my hand on the gear shift, and she placed hers on top of it.

“Yes, and we should enjoy it while we can. Once they find out I ditched them, they are going to be so pissed off that they make my life miserable.” She seemed like it was really bothering her, and I hated that they had that effect on her.

“Don’t they already do that.” It seemed that was all they did. Like they lived for it.

“They do their best.” She let loose a long breath, and her smile faltered a bit.

“They treat you like shit. You’re family, not some employee.” I shook my head and switched lanes as I approached my exit.

“They don’t know that though.”

“Yeah, I forget that. Did you say that your father doesn’t know?” I couldn’t remember if he didn’t know or if he didn’t know that she knew or both.

“He knows that I’m his, but he doesn’t know that I found out. I’m not sure that the Twins would treat me any better if they knew I was their sister. They’d be just as terrible and spoiled and have even more reason to see me as a threat.”

“You don’t think they’ll want to share their daddy?”

She cringed. “Don’t say that. I could never call him daddy.” She made a face like it was the most awful thing in the world.