Page 44 of Claiming Cinderella

“Don’t tell me you were one of his fans, that you ever had naughty thoughts about the rock god, Scott Blue.”

“Gross, no. He’s old enough to be my—well that’s because he is my father. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.” She sank back in her seat a little and turned her head my way. “Could we just go to your place? I’m not really that hungry.”

“Yes, we can. And if you do get hungry, I’ll have the chef whip us something up. You’ll like Louis’s cooking.” I turned her hand and stroked her wrist with my thumb. “Don’t let those twins get you down. Let it all out of your mind for the day. You could use a break.”

She smiled and closed her eyes as if she hadn’t had a decent rest in days. I’d noticed how she slept like a log at the beach cabin and I didn’t think it was just because I’d wore her out, she’d been stressed and working hard, not to mention dealing with those bitches every command which couldn’t be too easy in itself. I wanted her to relax with me, to make herself at home with me.

We got to my house a few minutes later, and she leaned into me as I led her to my house at the back of the estate.

“I thought you stayed in the big house.” She glanced over at the main house as I led her up the walk to my door.

“No, I have a room there, but me and Zep live here in the guest house. It’s much more appropriate for us, and we can come and go and have guests without disturbing Patricia. Not to mention, I hate seeing my mother with other men.”

“She’s seeing someone already?” My father’s death was sudden but not as sudden as my mother had returned to dating.

“Yeah, she didn’t even let him get cold in the ground. But I have a feeling she was seeing other men while he was alive. I mean, I don’t like to think it, but I’m not stupid. She didn’t have any problems finding men, so I think she’d been on the scene for a while.”

“That’s terrible. I think exclusive relationships are nice.” She met my eyes, and there was a question in her glance.

“Are you asking me how I feel about being exclusive?”

“I wasn’t asking, but knowing the answer would be nice.” She shook her head. “I’m sorry. I should just shut up, really. I’m letting those stupid twins get to me.”

“How so?” I could only wonder what kind of things they were telling her.

“Well, they said that you and Zep like to share your women and that when you get bored with me, then you’ll pass me over to Zep.”

Anger built up in my blood and sent it through my veins a warp speed just thinking about her being with Zep. “That’s not true.” I felt my jaw pop as I clenched. “Do you think I could do something like that?” Her face paled, and she shook her head.

“No, Aiden. Not at all.”

“When you’re with me, you’re with me. And I don’t have any desire for anyone else. As for Zep, he hardly needs my cast offs. He’s got his hands full enough as it is and I wouldn’t even tell him private things about me and you, much less share you with him.” She frowned, her mouth turning down and eyes filled with what looked like tears.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. It’s those damned girls. They’re not happy unless they are creating drama. I wish Zep would leave Halle alone, but for some reason, he actually likes her.”

“Are you guys talking about me?” Zep strolled into the room eating a handful of grapes and almonds.

The thought of him with Ella had me scowling. “Yeah, Ella’s going to hang out with us here today. Don’t tell Halle she’s here.”

“I don’t tell Halle anything, but if she asks I’ll lie.” I knew he’d have no trouble lying to her because he didn’t really care about her.

I pulled Ella close, and her stomach growled so loud that even Zep heard it. Her face turned red, and she giggled as Zep nudged me. “Feed the girl, Aiden, damn.” He shook his head and stepped over to the bar. “Don’t let him get cheap on you. Have him take you to a nice restaurant. He can afford it.”