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He stepped back once I was wearing only my bra and panties and worked the zipper of his own loose-fit jeans which were faded and distressed to perfection. The things had hugged his ass perfectly, but I had to admit they looked even better as they fell down his ass before hitting the floor.

He wore gray boxer briefs beneath them, and he stripped off his t-shirt and tossed it across the room and into his hamper. I laughed as he missed and then he shrugged and slipped down his briefs until he was standing with nothing but his erect cock in his hand.

“Aren’t you going to undress me?” I rubbed my knees together and rolled them from side to side as I looked up at him.

My eyes widened as he shook his head. “No, you’re going to strip for me.” He took my hand and pulled me forward to my feet, but my face turned bright pink, and I shook my head to protest.

“No, no, no. I’m not good at that sort of thing.” I gave him a pleading look as his wicked grin spread his lips and then he was giving me a pleading look right back.

“You’ll do it for me. You’ll be amazing, Ella. Just stand up and slip them off nice and slow. I want to watch you.” He dropped my hand and stepped back, and I felt the heat in my cheeks turn cold as the blood drained from them.

I reached around behind my back and unhooked the tiny clasp of my lacy bra.

“Slowly,” he said. He gripped his cock and pumped it as his eyes lingered on my body and the fact that he wasn’t ashamed at all gave me a confidence I didn’t know I’d have in this situation.

I slowly slipped the first strap down my shoulder, holding the cup in place as I pulled my hand free, I did the same with the other, and soon I was left holding my cups in place. I pulled them away, dropping the garment to the floor as I took one of my pebbled nipples between my fingers. I slowly stroked and pinched it, as his eyes widened and he licked his lips. “Just like that, Ella. You’re so beautiful.”

I slipped my hand down the front of my panties, and his eyes widened as if he hadn’t expected the gesture. I cupped my mound and moaned, biting my lip, as I slipped a finger between my folds. I brought the digit to my lips. Aiden closed the distance between us and kissed me. After getting a taste, he stepped back and pumped his cock as I slipped my thumbs into the straps at my hips and slowly peeled myself out of my panties. They hadn’t even made it to my knees when he stepped forward and kneeled, and before I could react, his mouth landed on my bare mound, and his tongue slipped between my folds, kissing my swollen bud.

My breath hitched, and I ran my fingers through his hair as he worked his mouth on my most private places and I threw my head back moaning as his teeth nibbled on my clit and his fingers dipped in, stroking my soaking channel.

“You’re so wet, Ella. I think you liked performing for me much more than you thought you would.” He was so right. I did enjoy his eyes watching me, his hands working himself, getting it pumped and primed for me. I glanced down and noticed how red and swollen his cock was, like a hot knife ready to slice into my core.

After another moment of working me over, he stood and sat me back on the edge of the bed. I took the chance to grab his hips and pull him to me, his thick erection just inches from my hungry mouth. I stuck my tongue out and lapped it against his shaft, and he hissed as I rolled my tongue across his veiny flesh.

I met his eyes before pulling him into my mouth, and he gripped the back of my head and held me still, working his hips gently, as the head of his cock popped in and out of my mouth.

I gripped his ass and relaxed my throat, forcing him deeper, and he moaned, a curse slipping from his lips, “Fuck.”

I nursed him like that for a little longer, and then he stepped back and put a hand on my shoulder to lay me back. He stepped between my knees and nudged my legs apart further with his hips.

He stroked his head against me, letting his head slide between my folds and spread my nectar. I greedily inched down, wanting him inside me, needing him to push himself into my depths and when he did a moment later, I moaned and winced at the intrusion. He was so big that it took me a moment to settle around him, but once I did I quivered, my channel milking him as he thrust.

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