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He angled his hips and adjusted my position to stroke against my most tender spot and then he slipped his hand down to work my clit with his thumb. The pleasure built with an intensity that had me feeling as if I might come apart and a moment later I did, my channel soaking so much I felt my release splash and drip down my ass where his balls slapped, the sound getting louder from the wetness.

Aiden leaned down across my chest and captured my mouth and then he pulled away, meeting my eyes. “Where do you want it this time?” He thrust harder, his cock seeming to swell inside of me.

“Anywhere you want it,” I knew I was covered, but there was always a chance. Maybe I should have been more careful instead of throwing caution to the wind while lost in ecstasy. But I trusted Aiden and a moment later he jerked free of my core, and his hot release spurted against my tummy. I glanced down in time to take the overshot on my breasts, and a tiny droplet even hit my chin. I dragged my finger through and tasted it. He found my mouth and then stepped away to grab a towel.

A moment later he was back and wiping me up, his strong hands gentle as he cleaned up his mess.

“Let’s go get you cleaned up,” he said taking my hand, and we headed to his shower, and we spent the next hour under the gentle spray, exploring each other’s bodies even more. If there was one thing, I was sure of before we were done it was that I could trust Aiden.

Chapter 24


It had been the longest week ever with the twins taking out their retaliation on Ella for bailing on them to spend the day with me, and while I’d like to think it was worth it, I missed her like crazy. I decided to intervene and pay her a surprise visit.

Sadie answered the door and leaned against the jamb trying her best to look innocent, but it wasn’t working.

“Hey, Aiden. Don’t tell me you’re here to apologize to me for lying about the foursome.”

“Okay, I won’t. Is Ella around?”

“You know if you didn’t like me, all you had to do was say so. Ella thinks you’re Mr. Perfect, but I know you’re just like any other asshole player stringing girls along.”

“I never strung you along, Sadie. And don’t pretend you didn’t have fun. I know you enjoyed yourself with Zep. He told me so.” Zep had told me how bored she’d been, but I wasn’t about to give her the satisfaction of admitting that.

“Please, watching him and Halle and knowing you were not going to show because you were off with that little bitch, Ella. I could have had more fun at home with my vibrator, or at least scored someone else. It’s not like I’m incapable.”

“Then, why don’t you? Could you get Ella, please?”

“I don’t have the patience for most people. You and I could have had fun. It’s a shame.” She stepped away from the door, still not acknowledging my requests to see Ella.

“Is Ella even home?”

“This isn’t her home, but no, she’s not. She’s out with Halle. You can come up and wait if you like. I’ll try to be hospitable.” She lifted her shoulder and looked me up and down.

“No, thanks. But could you please tell her I stopped by?” I knew the moment I asked the answer was a big, fat hell no.

She gave me a big toothy grin. “Sure thing, lover.” She shut the door in my face and on my way to the car I decided to stop and text her. I couldn’t trust Sadie to pass along any message, and if she wasn’t far out, I’d wait in the area and come back when she got home. I ducked to the side of the walk and heard laughter from across the lawn.

When I looked up, I could see between the house and a small garage to where the driveway led back to the side entrance. Parked there was my mother’s car.

I put the phone in my pocket and started for it wondering if I could be mistaken, but the closer I got, I could hear the shrill laughter that I knew was my mother’s, accompanied by what could only be Nola Blue’s. I caught a glimpse of the women who were sitting on the back patio under an umbrella by the pool, and my blood turned cold.

I’d told my mother about Ella’s relationship to Scott Blue, that Nola had no knowledge of the relationship, and though she’d insinuated that she hated the woman, there they were laughing it up like old friends. I wondered what all my mother had told her, and if she was here to learn more about Ella.