“That’s not a bad idea. If everyone wears masks, then she’d never know who I invited.”

He threw back his bourbon and stood in front of me. “I was only kidding. Those parties are a teenage girl’s wet dream as it is, all fairy tales and magic and a reason to dress up in a gown. It’s bad enough we’ll have to get tuxes.”

“Yeah, but we’ll do that anyway, and with Patricia hell-bent on me meeting the girl of my dreams, I’d like the guest list to be more than just rich bitches and trust fund brats. I’d like to meet a real girl, one not spoiled by wealth, who has a simple life with hobbies and a job. You know, brain cells.”

Zep laughed. “Good luck with that, man. You know your mother will be sending out the official invitations. No one can get in without one.” He was right. She always took special care to make sure that the guest list was nothing but the elite.

“That’s why you’re going to help me send out duplicates of our own. We’ll simply have the same company make extra invites, and we’ll hand them out all over town. Everyone gets to bring a plus one, and we’ll make sure to tell them to bring a friend.”

“Patricia is going to kill you when she sniffs them out at the event. She can smell cheap perfume a mile away.”

“That’s because she grew up wearing it. The only reason she doesn’t want me to end up with someone real, whose parents aren’t in our social class, is because she’s afraid the girl will remind her of her youth.”

“You’re serious about this? Surely there’s a girl out there with money and enough brains to have a hobby, be a freak in the sheets, and still make your mother happy.”

“We’ve been through them all, and I haven’t met her yet. No, I have to try. So, are you with me or not? Who knows, you may find yourself a nice girl too.” I gave him a sly smile, but he shook his head.

“Fuck a nice girl. I don’t care if she is a rich bitch or not, I want someone with big tits who’ll let me fuck her in the ass when I want, preferably a matched set.”

“Your twin fantasy is a bit outdated, but I’m sure you’ll be pleased that the Blue Twins will surely be on the guest list.” His infatuation with the girls started when he hooked up with the freakier of the two, Halle six months ago. I didn’t know what she’d done to him, but whatever it was, it had gotten his attention, and he’d been hung up on her since.

“Even if they don’t show up, with you chasing locals, I’ll have my pick of the others. So, count me in.”

He leaned forward and extended his hand, and we shook on it. This would be the gala to end all galas if I could help it, and I’d show my mother she couldn’t control me. My life was my own.

Chapter 3


Even though the Blue family home was a huge mansion, decorated with lush furnishings, warm tones, and pops of color, it still felt like a stone cave, cold and empty. It was like the twins were this life-sucking force, taking all the air and light from the place. They didn’t even have to be in the same room with me to make me feel that way.It was an ever-presence in the entire house which had been tainted with their energy. After the last two months of working for them, I was growing weary. I needed to earn enough to find my own place, but for now, I’d have to tolerate it a little longer. At least the commute to work was easy. I got up every morning and was already at work, though I’d rather drive across the country than live with the twins.

I was on my way upstairs to the guest room when I passed Scott Blue on the first story landing, and it was that moment when my ring decided to come apart and slip from my finger. It hit the tile floor with a clink and rolled across to stop at his feet.

“Oops.” He reached down and got the ring and handed it to me, his bright blue eyes, strangely the same blue as my own met mine and his face lit with some kind of thought as if he were in awe. That wouldn’t have been so funny if he hadn’t been the legendary rocker who’d gotten that look from millions in his lifetime. He shook his head and seemed to come back from his daze. “You look just like your mother when she was your age. It’s still hard for me to believe she’s gone at times.” I had never heard him speak so many words at once, especially about my mother, and it took me by surprise.

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