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As I stepped forward, closing my mouth down on hers, I let my hand slide between her legs. She gave a lazy little moan and ground against my hand. “Mhm. You’re ready for more, aren’t you?” I brushed my lips against her ear and then down to her shoulder. She let her head fall back, and she rubbed against my hand, humping and grinding her bare mound.

“Yes. It feels so good.”

“You want to come for me again, Ella?” I let the words slip out on a breath directly in her ear. She got chills across her arms and down her back to her ass.

“Yes.” She moaned, and after a moment of her grinding, I slipped my fingers into her slick channel and thought about how I’d soaked her down.

My cock was ready for her again, so I turned her around and gripped her little ass with my hands and spread her cheeks apart, sliding my cock in and out between them, bending my knees to reach her.

She held on tight and lifted a leg allowing me better access, and I aimed my cock lower centering it right at her opening. She pushed herself against me. “Greedy girl. I love it when you take action. Makes my balls ache. I want to fuck you so good, Ella.” I thrust into her and pumped my hips, working my long shaft in and out.

“It’s so tender,” she moaned. I’d worked her over pretty good, and I’d noticed that she preferred to ease onto my cock each time. But now that I was in I was going to give her a good hard fucking, I grabbed her hips and turned her around so fast she let out a little yelp, and then I slid my hands down her arms, taking her and placing them flat against the shower wall as I picked up my pace. She tilted her ass upward and leaned her cheek against the tile.

“Please. Please, Aiden.”

“Please what, Angel?” I snaked an arm around her as her knees buckled and held her in place, then I lifted her up, against me, planting her upper body against the wall, face first, her hands her only saving grace. She braced them, and her pussy tighten around me, milking me as she came hard.

“I’m coming! Don’t stop.” I kept up my pace until she collapsed against the wall panting.

I let out a little chuckle and placed her down on her wobbly legs, and she turned and fell against me. She kissed my lips and then she dropped to her knees, taking my cock in her hands as she did.

She gave me a nice pump and then worked my head with her thumb before taking me between her lips. She licked the shaft nice and slow and then slapped her face with it as she glanced up at me. “I’m going to make you come inside of me again.” She closed her mouth around me and then pushed her head forward until my balls rested against her chin. Her spasms told me she was about to gag, but she pushed even farther, taking me into the depths of her throat.

Her eyes were watery when she pulled away, and her hand slipped down to rub her pussy, she sucked and rubbed herself until she came and it triggered something in me to respond in kind.

I pulled my cock back so that my head rested against her tongue and she opened wide as I shot my load coating her tongue. She closed her mouth on my head and swallowed with a gulp as another spurt hit her tongue.

I pulled her to her feet and kissed her mouth, turned on by the taste of me on her lips. Then I stepped out and grabbed my robe to wrap her in. I let her rest against the counter as I wrapped a towel around my waist. Then I scooped her up and took her to my bed. It didn’t take long before we were both fast asleep.

When morning came, I found myself alone. I was about to panic as I searched the house, coming up empty, and that’s when I noticed the patio door open downstairs. Ella was standing out by the water. Her arms wrapped tight around her as she stood there dressed in a pair of my shorts and my t-shirt that was way too big on her.

I walked out and joined her after finding a pair of shorts, and she turned, glancing over her shoulder when she saw me coming.

“I came out here to think.”

“I knew reality would come crashing back.”

“You said Nola had my house. Meaning it was in her name? Or my father’s?” She kept her eyes on the ocean’s waves, and I imagined they were like her emotions, crashing down on her all at once.

“Yeah, I had my mother look into things before I bought the house and Nola had a clear deed. My mother said she’d traced it back to the bank and then the owner before that.”