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He was growing angry now, but I didn’t care. I was angry too. He pulled his lips in tight and put his hands in his pockets as he watched me go around my room and gather my things.

Finally, he found his words. “That’s a done deal, Ella. The house is yours.”

“I don’t want it. Why can’t you take a hint?” I pushed past him and went to the bathroom to get my makeup and toiletries. I’d have to send a car back for the rest, assuming they let me in. I’d need Millie for that. I only hoped that she wouldn’t deny me too.

Anger and tears came over me as I pictured my father, those damned blue eyes staring straight at Nola and then me and the words which seemed too unreal, too painful as he denied me.

I slumped against the sink and wept. I wept for my mother and for me. It had been nice knowing I had a family, even if it were a secret one. Even though I loathed working for those hateful twins, just knowing that they were my sisters, made it a tiny bit bearable, as if I had a special secret. Now they knew the truth, even if they never believed it, and the truth was suffocating me.

Aiden was gone when I came out of the bathroom, and I pulled my bags up over my shoulder and took out my phone. I called a cab and went to stand outside and wait. On my way out, I passed Nola and Scott who were holding hands in the foyer, and he gave me an apologetic look. Nola kept her eyes distant as she looked over my head as if she were too ashamed to look at me.

“I’ll make sure you get your last day’s pay, but Ella, don’t ever come back here.” Nola’s words were final as she held the door open for me. I gave her a curt nod and walked out without giving my father a second glance.

And just when it felt as if I had everything, I was back to nothing.

Chapter 28


I hated leaving her there but had a little peace of mind knowing that Millie had returned home as soon as I was getting in my car. I left her there to deal with things as I gave her the space she needed to do it. I had bigger fish to fry.

I drove home knowing that I was going to confront my mother and things were going to get ugly when I did. She had it coming, though I couldn’t help being angry at myself because I'd told her.

I’d only wanted her to like Ella, but Ella had been right. I should have let her like Ella for all the reasons I did. I’d talked the big talk about not caring about a woman’s social standing, and how I wanted someone with talent and a brain in her head. Ella had been all of that and more, and I’d still found it necessary to defend her and point out that she had famous parents in the process. No wonder it had hurt her. I’d made her feel as if she weren’t good enough, but I’d do everything I could to make sure that she knew she was all I wanted and needed from there on out. No matter what, I’d make things right.

I pulled up to the main house not wanting to waste time walking from my usual parking place in the back garage near my guest house, and I even took the front steps three at a time to cut down on time. I found my mother in the office, which was even more convenient since that’s where I was headed. I wanted to see a copy of the original deed for myself and having the chance to speak to my mother was on my agenda as well.

“Aiden darling, I was wondering when you’d be home. You were out all night again, I was worried.”

“You told Nola Blue about Ella. I’ve just come from there, and things got pretty ugly.”

“I’m so sorry you had to witness that. She’s lied to everyone it seems. Nola assured me that she knew Ella’s father. It seems that Layla had a fling with some roadie from Scott Blue’s band and the guy was some kind of alcoholic. She and Scott have been taking care of Ella since and Ella likes to play this little game of pretend to make herself feel better.” Mother actually believed that shit. She’d believe anything anyone with a bank account told her.

“It’s not a game of pretend, Patricia. It’s the truth, and Ella had to endure Scott Blue’s rejection. I’m not letting them get away with it. I don’t care what it costs them, she’s suffered enough, and it’s time they come clean about a lot of things.”

“Well, she assured me that it was the truth. She was even glad that you were buying the house, even though I’d told her your intentions.”