“Yeah, I don’t think I’ll ever stop waiting to see her. It’s like I could turn around and see her walk in at any moment.” Things had happened so quickly with her illness not giving us anytime to come to terms with it before cancer killed her.

His chin dipped gesturing toward the ring. “That’s an unusual piece.” I glanced down to the gold and silver ring my mother had fashioned and given me just before her passing.

“Yeah, it’s a deconstructed art piece that she made from two different rings. She said it was special, but didn’t tell me why. I need to fix them to fit better, but since losing the house, I’m not sure where to set up my equipment.”

“You make jewelry too?” He folded his arms and seemed a bit surprised.

“Learned from the best, she taught me all of her tricks.” We shared a laugh, and then he stepped a bit closer.

“You should come down to dinner.” He locked his arm with mine as a voice sounded from behind me.

“That’s a wonderful idea.” Nola stepped up and hooked her arm in his and joined us to go downstairs. “You are practically family, and I’m afraid I’d assumed you’d know you’re welcome at our table anytime. With you living here and all.” She gave a little shrug and stepped away, walking into the dining room ahead of us.

The twins scowled as I walked in on their father’s arm and I took the chair beside Halle who played with her phone. Sadie sat stone-faced as usual as if the entire world could burst into flames and she’d be more at home. Neither said a word right away.

Scott took the head of the table and then Millie strolled in to take the seat at the end opposite. Nola sat by Scott and waited as dinner was served with a grin on her face that I was certain wasn’t for me. We got along okay, but I knew my place, and I had a feeling she’d never intended it to be at her dinner table.

Halle sat giggling next to me like whoever was texting her had just sent her the joke of a lifetime as dinner was served. As the heaping serving of lasagna was placed in front of me, Halle leaned over and put her phone in front of me. I glanced at the screen and saw the image she’d hope to shock me with: a fully erect penis which was being held by long, masculine fingers. I had to admit the size was impressive, but Halle’s preoccupation was not going to do anything for her reputation.

I gave the twins a wilting glance, and they snickered until Nola scolded them. You’d think we were twelve and sitting in class. “Ahem,” she said, and then she cleared her throat. “I have a little surprise for you girls.” I knew better than to think she was including me, so I continued eating as the Twins seemed reluctant to give her their attention.

She held up an envelope and waved it. “This came in the mail earlier.” Opening the card, it became quite clear that it was a formal invitation. I got a look at the thing as she opened it and the impressive, thick cardstock with embossed gold lettering bore a crown and the letter P.

“It’s from the Prince family. They’re hosting their yearly gala. I also have it on good authority through the club, that Patricia Prince is hoping to use the party as a way to land Aiden a bride. It seems she’s ready for her son to settle down.”

Scott cleared his throat. “Good luck with that. You can’t herd in people like cattle and hope a miracle happens. She’d do better to let him be a man and find his bride the old-fashioned way.”

“And what way is that, darling?” Nola seemed amused, but Scott shrugged and took a sip of his wine before stuffing his face.

Millie cleared her throat. “Not everyone has groupies, son.”

I swallowed a lump of lasagna and averted my gaze as I took some wine to wash it down.

“Mom was a groupie?” Halle gave her father an amused grin, but Nola wasn’t having it.

“I’d hardly call myself a groupie. I was a big fan, but I only met him through Layla.” I looked up as Nola mentioned my mother’s name. “Now, I guess you could call Layla a groupie, isn’t that right, dear? You met her backstage at one of your concerts, right?”

Scott gave me an apologetic look and then clarified. “Actually, no. I met her at a café early one morning after our tour bus broke down on the edge of town.”

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