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“He’s so proud of you for opening the shop. He didn’t get to be around when your mother opened hers. He was on tour and with Nola, of course, but he was proud of her. He was always amazed by her talent and did you know that he’s the one who sparked her interest in jewelry? She wanted to be a clothing designer before that.”

“She’d told me that once, well except for the part about Scott.” I wondered how many of my stories had been altered to omit my father and imagined that the truth about a lot of things was still on the horizon. It was like I was unlocking little treasures from my life and so far, that was okay.

Nothing had been worse than learning about Nola and that I had twin sisters. They had both cleaned up their act, Sadie going back to school, and Halle and Zep still seeing each other. He’d appeared on the most recent season of their show and producers were hoping the two would take things to the next level for the next season’s wedding special. Neither of them were sold on that idea.

I stood arranging the flowers and taking in the smell when Aiden came in a half hour later. I couldn’t stop fidgeting with them, and it kept my mind off my growling tummy.

“Hey, what’s this? Is there another man I need to know about?” I glanced over my shoulder and turned to greet him with a kiss.

I gave him a serious stare. “I’m afraid there is another man in my life.”

“Well, I would fight him for you, but Scott Blue isn’t getting any younger.” I gave him a nudge.

“How’d you know?”

“Because the only other man in your life is Zep and he’s too cheap to buy roses. You’d get carnations if you’re lucky. He used to bring my mother weeds from the back lawn. She acted like he’d brought her gold.”

“Were you jealous of him?”

“Maybe a little.” He gave a shrug, and I stood on my toes and gave him another kiss.

“That’s my cue, lovebirds,” said Millie, putting the last of the packing papers in the trash. “You’re all set to go, kid. I know you’re going to be a big hit.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek and then went to gather her things and Aiden, and I walked her out minutes later.

“I’ll go get my purse. I’m famished.” But he locked the door, behind Millie.

“I’m famished too. I’m starving for you, Ella.”

“Why do you say my name that way? Like an endearment, as if you’re saying honey or baby.” He’d always done that, and while I loved it, it just seemed curious.

“Because you have a beautiful name, and you’re my Ella.” He kissed me hard and deep and then pressed his erection against my hip. “Let’s go in back.”

I walked him toward my stockroom, and once we rounded the corner, out of sight from the front windows, he pushed me against the wall and hiked my skirt up around my hips. His mouth fell on my breasts, and I believed him when he said he was hungry. He rolled his tongue around my nipple and then pulled hard, sucking and nibbling as if he could devour me. His hand worked my mound, caressing and stroking beneath my panties as I pulled out his cock and stroked it. He slipped his fingers between my folds and found my tender clit, which he’d punished the night before. I moaned, and he smiled.

“That’s my girl. I’m going to fuck you so good, Ella. I want you to moan and moan.” He dropped his pants and stepped out of them.

As he lifted my legs up around his hips and buried his cock deep inside me, I did just that. I held on tight as he bounced me on his cock. “There’s a counter, take me there.” I pointed over his shoulder, knowing he couldn’t see, but he gripped my ass as I held on tight. After a moment, he had me on the counter and was over me, buried deep, his thrusts pounding harder and harder as I cried out. I was certain the people in the shop next door could hear, and I didn’t care.

Aiden lifted me up and walked me to a small wooden chair where he sat. Then he pulled me down as if he wanted me to straddle him. I lowered myself beside him instead and took him into my mouth, tasting the salt, sweet nectar I’d coated him with. Soon he was the one moaning, and I had forgotten all about my hunger.

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