I tried my best to seem calm. This was complete madness, and yet for some reason I wasn’t running out of his office. Did I want the job that badly? Or was it something more?

He patted his lap again. “Now, Tessa.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me. I’m not a naughty child who can be punished like that.” I let out a forced laugh. “I’m not going to let you sp—do what you just suggested to me, or whatever else you have in mind because you say so.”


My heart beat so loudly in my ears, I was sure he had to hear it as well. “Price, you’ve lost your mind. We both have. Things just got a little heated and… Maybe we just need a good lunch and time to forget this ever ha—”

“If I have to get up and drag you over here by your hair, you will regret it. Now get over here and lie across my lap.”

Jesus, the man was serious. Dead serious. And even though his threat sounded aggressive in the wording, his tone remained calm and firm.

Not sure what else to do, as nothing I was saying to try to defuse the situation was working, I took the first step toward him. Had I gone insane? Was I really walking toward a spanking? Was I really walking toward Price? And what was it that he was expecting from me once I got there? Did he just want me to lie there on his lap? And then what? Would there be more than just a spanking? I had never been spanked in my life. What the fuck was I supposed to do, and how would this feel?

Was I seriously even considering this?

With each step I took, my resistance seemed to dissolve, and I was morphing into… willing… or maybe just accepting of my doomed fate. Or maybe it was that the embarrassment and shame of this entire situation was just too much, and I simply wanted it over with.

I stood before him, eyes cast down, praying he would direct me on exactly what he wanted me to do next, because there was no way I would be able to even guess.

“Lift up your skirt and bare yourself. I’m not going to spank you over the fabric,” he commanded so easily. Did he not find his words, and what he was asking me to do out of the ordinary? He seemed so cool and casual, and acted as if this was just an everyday occurrence for an underperforming employee.

Attempting to drum up the nerve to pull up my skirt and lie over his lap, I peeked up and made eye contact. With our eyes connected, I felt the thundering beat of my heart, a tingle between my legs, and a bizarre nervous desire rocking my body. With one powerful expression that told me he was losing his patience and I better act fast, he gave me the courage to surrender to his discipline. When I pulled up my skirt, I shuddered as the warm air from the roaring fire in the room touched my ass that the thong panties did very little to conceal.

He stared down at my panties. His eyes seemed to darken as he took in every lacy inch. “Lower those.”

I paused, not sure I had the inner strength to do as he asked. He hadn’t seen my body exposed before. This was far from appropriate, and I wasn’t sure I was willing to be nude from the waist down, no matter his belief that I needed correction and consequences.

“Mr. Anderson,” I began.

“I plan to spank you the proper way, Miss Stanton. Naughty behavior deserves the shame of a bare bottom spanking.” He glanced at my panties again. “Remove them and lie across my lap. You have wasted enough of my time as it is.” The way his thick accent said the words had jolts of electricity sizzling through my veins. The sane and reasonable part of me wanted to scream no and storm out of the room, but the sinful and wicked part of me wanted to do exactly what he commanded without hesitation.

My mind and body were at war, and I wasn’t sure which one I wanted to win, and which one would be defeated.

“If I have to do it for you,” he said, breaking my internal dialogue, “I will add more swats to the already high number you’re to receive.”

This was for real. Oh, my God, this was for real.

My mind might have been screaming no, but my body did exactly as he asked, and I lowered my panties to my knees, standing with my bottom half nude before him.

“You keep your pussy bare as I prefer,” he said as his eyes seemed to darken right before me. Even though he was staring at the most intimate part of my body, I didn’t feel threatened or afraid.

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