Reflexively, I moistened them, slipping my tongue across my mouth, waiting for his to make contact. Slowly, we kissed, soft, romantic, and pure. He slid his hand to my pussy, driving my thirst for sex to a whole new level. I felt nearly driven to the edge, wanting desperately to beg him for more. “Please, Price. I need you.”

I guided my hands up under his shirt, releasing a long sigh when they ran along the defined muscles of his body. The mature years of his life had been good to him, very, very good.

While my fingers went to work releasing the buttons of his shirt, he nibbled on my ear, my neck, driving my need even higher. In a hungered blur, I pulled off clothing that got in the way, followed by him doing the same.

Price cupped my face and planted a slow, deep kiss on my lips. His mouth blazed a path from my mouth back to the side of my neck. I let a sensual moan escape my lips, hoping to encourage him to keep going.

Skimming my fingers down his rippled stomach, I touched the head of his hard cock. “I want this. Now,” I commanded.

He paused for a moment, gazing over my nude body as he did. “My God, Tessa. You’re more beautiful than I imagined.”

Simply looking at his hard, thick erection brought on the beginning of an orgasm by sight alone as I continued to stroke the tip with my fingertips. The mere thought of what was to come almost drove me over the edge.

He leaned forward, took hold of my hips, and pulled me closer to him. Kiss by kiss, he lowered himself down until his face was inches from my sex.

“I want the taste of you on my tongue.” He didn’t wait for permission, but rather kissed my pussy, followed by licking my throbbing clit.

I tensed at the intimate and tantalizing touch. Part of me wanted to stop, and the other part wanted the feeling to never end. He swirled his tongue in circles, lapping up every sign of my arousal. I moaned with complete abandon. My body seemed possessed by Satan himself. I had absolutely no power against him. Lick after lick, Price brought my body to another level. Just when I believed I could take no more, he thrust his finger past the lips of my pussy. In and out he plunged, pulling gasps and moans from me.

I needed more. So much more, and luckily Price didn’t make me wait long. I gasped at the sensation of his cock finally pressing against me.

Closing my eyes in ecstasy, I dug my fingers into his shoulders as he pressed beyond the tightness, entering me completely. The delicious sting was quickly replaced with an erotic pleasure that captured my breath.

He continued to place gentle kisses all over my neck and face, while his thick shaft probed deeper within. The contrast of soft and hard managed to push me toward that familiar edge. Sparks, electricity, pure animalistic need washed over me, drowning me in pleasure as we both rocked each other into completion.

Chapter Seven


What the fuck just happened? I still lay on top of Tessa as we both regained our normal breathing, the bulk of my body crushing her tiny frame as the weight of the world crushed against me. This wasn’t planned. This wasn’t what was supposed to happen. I needed to punish her. Correct behavior and demand respect. We still had a long time to live and work together ahead of us, and I knew I needed to set firm guidelines and rules. But I’d had no intentions of fucking her. That muddied the waters. That turned them pitch fucking black.

Rolling off of her, I stood up and quickly dressed. I didn’t want to look at Tessa lying on my study floor, no doubt looking sexier than she ever had. So. Fucking. Hot. That woman did something to me, and as my cock twitched again for round two, I reached for her scattered clothes and tossed them to her, still avoiding looking at her again.

“I’m sorry if things got carried away,” I said, though there was nothing truly sorry in me. I loved every damn moment of what just happened, but I did owe her an apology. “My plan was to spank you for your wrongdoings. Sex wasn’t part of that. I want you to know that in the future, I will still correct you in the same manner I just did, but I will not expect sex to follow.”

In the corner of my eye, I saw her putting her clothes back on, starting with her panties and skirt. I’m sure there were a million things running through her head. They sure as hell were running through mine. Deciding to man up, and stop being such a fucking coward by not looking at her and not giving her the respect of my full attention, I put out my hand to help her to stand. Still clutching her shirt to cover her breasts—her delicious and luscious breasts—she took my hand and allowed me to assist her off the floor.