I took a deep breath before speaking. “So if this isn’t the way we are… Why do I want… more? This is fast, Price. You and I both know it. Too fast. I work for you and…”

Price lowered his mouth to mine again, silencing my words. He kissed with more passion this time, and with more excitement than before. His mouth continued to claim mine as I could feel his desire building—my desire building. I inhaled at the sudden change but pulled him closer with my hands clinging desperately to his back.

“I can’t explain this. I can’t explain why I want you so badly, so quickly. Tell me to stop and I will. Tell me no, and I will back away this second.” Price paused from his onslaught of kisses to examine my face. “You don’t have to accept your other duties, but I sure as fuck hope you do.”

I smiled at the look of concern mixed with passion on his face. “I accept the added duties. I want this, too. I don’t know why. I don’t know how it happened. All I do know is that I want to feel you inside of me.”

“Tessa,” Price moaned.

He moved his mouth to my neck and started to place soft kisses there, while his hand slowly worked its way under my shirt and bra. His palm cupped my breast, and I arched my back to meet his touch. His lips moved to my ear, and he lightly nipped. I could hear his ragged breathing and feel his body tense with pent-up passion.

I lowered my hand to his bulging erection pressed against his pants. When my fingers made contact, Price groaned in desire.

“Fuck! I want to be soft. I want to be gentle… but you are driving me crazy.”

I undid his belt buckle, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants in one fluid motion. “I don’t want soft. I don’t want gentle. I want you to take me. Take me hard,” I demanded as I wrapped my hand around his throbbing cock.

He grabbed and pushed me hard up against the wall. Reaching for my hands, guiding them above my head, holding them firm with one hand, his other ripped off my clothing. He yanked, he tugged, and he had me naked before I could even take my next breath. His lips pressed against mine with such force, such fierce command.

I had never felt such strength, such domination before this day. First with the spanking and unexpected sex, and now with this round. This time was different, however. We were going into this with eyes wide open.

Price moved his lips to my neck and began to kiss, suck, and bite. With my arms still pinned above my head by his massive hand, I had no choice but to allow Price to do as he wished.

I felt the sting of his teeth on my neck and mewled, trying to not focus on the fact that I stood completely naked before him.

He picked me up and carried me to his room before I could fully comprehend what was happening. I was in his arms, I could feel his muscled chest flex beneath me. I could hear his heavy breathing thick with desire. I could smell his intoxicating scent. My head spun; I was consumed with lust, drunk with passion.

Before I could regain composure, he threw me down onto his bed. I saw him grab a black satin ribbon from a bedside table. I wondered what other wicked items he had in that table. He grabbed one hand and tied it to the bedpost, and then he did the same with the other. I had never been tied, never been defenseless. I tugged to see if I could escape, pulled to see if this was for real. With a mixture of fear and desire, I allowed myself to trust Price, but at the same time, take delight in the sizzle of fear that coursed through my veins. I was helpless. There was nothing I could do to fight him off. I couldn’t stop what would happen next. And yet, even as my heart skipped, I loved the feeling. The complete abandon. Knowing he was now fully in control.

He stood before me and took off all of his clothes in the same rush and fury that had landed me naked and tied to his bed. His ripped, tight body stood before me in all its glory. With hungry eyes, he stared down at my body stretched out on his bed and seductively smiled.

“It’s about time I got you in my bed. I plan to make this a habit of my day. To feed my hungry muse.”

I smiled. “We must keep that muse of yours happy.”

“It’s now your job.”

“I plan to be an overachieving employee,” I teased back.

Price reached for more ribbon, grabbed one of my legs, and tied one ankle to the bedpost and then secured the other, spreading me wide open. In mere moments, I found myself sprawled out on Price’s bed, in Price’s control. I tried to move, tried to test the strength of the bonds. A shiver ran down my spine when I couldn’t move. I was his. Yes, I was his.

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