“Price…” I moaned.

He kissed one breast and then the other. He sucked each nipple, slightly nipping with his teeth. I gasped, I moaned. I had never been restricted before and not able to hold on to someone. The feeling of being defenseless was terrifying but electrifying at the same time.

“Please. I want to hold you,” I begged. The need to touch his skin consumed me.

Ignoring my plea, he continued his descent down my abdomen with kisses. He reached his final destination, his lips caressing every ounce of flesh, licking my entire mound until I was desperate for more. I was dying to feel his tongue delve into me. I wanted to feel the invasion, the penetration. The man had a way of intensifying every emotion and sensation in my body. I needed him. I hungered for him. I craved everything about him. Yet, I knew the ultimate power was his, and he would lead this delicious dance as he saw fit.

“Price!” I screamed when his tongue connected with my clit. A surge of sensation stole my breath. “I want you,” I pleaded as I tested the ties again. I was aching to touch, desperate to have some control back.

My body frantically searched for release any way that I could as I shamelessly ground my pussy against his face and mouth. I needed to come. God, I hoped he’d make me come. But I needed more than his mouth. I needed his cock in me, and just as I was about to demand he fuck me, he moved away from my needy cunt and lowered his body on top of mine. I tried to reach for him. I tried to embrace his body. But the constraints of the ties held me in place.

“Untie me,” I begged.

He simply shook his head and slowly eased his way in between my legs. He captured my gaze and never released it as his cock spread me wide. He stared deep into my eyes, linking our souls, connecting our energy.

He pressed deeper with every gasp from me as if my sounds of pleasure fueled the energy and desire inside of him.

I moaned.

He pressed on.

I cried out.

He fucked me harder.

His own moans became my soundtrack to the most amazing sex of my life.

Price pressed deep within and suddenly stopped. Without either of our bodies moving, I could feel nothing more than Price rooted within me. Taking that moment of stillness did something to me. I felt a connection and closeness I hadn’t known possible. I looked into his eyes and just smiled. It began with just my lips, but staring into Price’s face, I knew my pleasure was reflected in his eyes.

“I’m yours,” I admitted freely.

“I wanted nothing more than to hear those words.”

“Untie me. Let me show you how much I’m yours. Let me prove how much I want to belong to you,” I whispered.

Price lightly touched his lips to mine, pulled his cock out of me, and then slowly untied one hand and then the other. He took his time and after each bond was removed, he kissed and licked the reddened area to soothe the sting. I hadn’t realized how much I’d fought against the restraints until he did so.

Once all the ties were removed, I crawled into his lap, pressed my lips to his neck, and took the moment to just be held and feel protected. I enjoyed the soft, the calm… the love. I moved my lips to his and kissed him until I felt that our lips had melted together. His breath was mine, my breath was his. I felt his tongue lightly move along, his hands caressed, we embraced.

He eased me onto my back and slowly rubbed his cock along my throbbing clit. The sensation sent an emotion through me that nearly brought tears to my eyes. I became whole, so complete. Having him so close to me felt… right.

He moved the tip of his dick at a slow and sensual pace. He caressed my hair and smiled softly while looking into my eyes. “I can’t do soft any longer. I need to fuck you hard before I explode,” Price confessed.

A growl worked its way past his lips as he grabbed me by the hips and in one hard thrust, drove himself deep within the warmth of my body. I wrapped my legs tighter around his back and thrust my hips to drive him even deeper. I moaned at the feeling of him spreading me, further inside me than I ever imagined possible. I craved more. I wanted him to drive in and out at a rapid pace.

I felt like a sex-crazed vixen beneath him as he pumped in and out with a force and speed that brought an impending orgasm near. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled my lips to his again. He drove his tongue deep within my mouth, never letting go of his grip. He dominated me with the pull, with the thrust of his hips, and with the power he had over the building explosion of pleasure begging for release.

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