“Let go for me. Let go, baby,” he demanded with a deep sensual voice.

As if knowing I should never go against one of Price’s commands, I let the climax take over. The fire worked its way from my toes all the way to my head. My moan became louder, louder until it became a scream.

With the sound of my release ringing throughout the room, he pumped hard one last time, filling me with his seed. Claiming me. Marking me. Forever his.

All because of one simple kiss.

Chapter Nine


It had been a month? Maybe two? I had completely lost track of time, which was just part of the process. My world became my book, but this time was different. This time I had Tessa, and I wanted Tessa just as much as I wanted to write. I couldn’t get enough of the woman. If I wasn’t fucking her, I would make her stay in my office just so I could look at her whenever I wanted, or smell her, or touch her, or fuck her all over again. It seemed my cock remained in constant need of attention, and the only way to cure the ailment was having it buried deep inside of this woman… my drug.

But one thing still remained the same. I was an asshole.

She deserved better than me. I couldn’t give her much more than sex. I tried to stop writing for dinner so that I could give her some attention and learn about the woman I couldn’t get enough of, but my mind struggled to focus. I had yet to do anything with her that couples would do. There was no wining and dining. My life consisted of fucking and writing. Not a bad life for me, but I also believed Tessa deserved better.

“Tessa,” I called out, finally deciding that it was time I took a break.

She must have been near my office because she padded barefoot into my office holding a dishtowel in her hand. She wore jeans and a white t-shirt and had never looked sexier. Casual and comfortable was a good look on her.

With one eyebrow raised, she asked, “Do you need something? Dinner isn’t for a couple of hours. I still need to start it.”

“Don’t,” I said. “Let’s go into town. It’s about time I take you on a date.”

“A date?” she asked as a smile grew on her face. “Really?”

“We haven’t gone into town yet, and I know our supplies are really low. Why not go into town and get groceries and then get that prime rib dinner I told you about? We can share a bottle of wine and make a romantic evening out of it.”

“Yes!” she replied fast. Maybe a little too fast, which told me that the poor girl was desperate for some attention, and probably to get out of the house. She and I had taken some walks together on the grounds, but I’m sure she was getting a bit stir-crazy. “You don’t think it’s snowing too badly?”

I glanced out the window to see that a light snow was falling. “It’s fine. I don’t think the storm is supposed to come in until tomorrow night. This is minor.” I looked at her bare feet. “Go get some shoes on. We’ll leave now.”

I didn’t have to say another word. Tessa spun on her heels and ran upstairs. I could hear her excitement as she padded up the staircase and it reminded me of a child running down to a tree with presents underneath on Christmas morning.

The drive into town was fairly quiet. I hadn’t turned off my brain yet and was still unfortunately thinking about how I was going to write the next chapter. Though it didn’t seem that Tessa minded. She just sat in her seat and listened to music as the snowy wonderland passed us by. The roads weren’t bad, and nothing my Jeep couldn’t handle. I didn’t even need to use four-wheel drive yet, so I had no concerns that we had to rush back. We could enjoy a nice evening out. We both deserved it.

“I should have taken you down here for this dinner sooner,” I said as my eyes quickly locked with hers. “I apologize for that.”

“No need. I knew what I was getting myself into when I accepted the job.”

“Did you really?” I asked as I put my eyes back on the road.

“You warned me that it would be long hours of me alone with little to do. I knew you would hibernate in your office. What I didn’t know was that—”

“That I would ask you to sit near my desk completely naked as I wrote,” I said, finishing her sentence for her. The image of Tessa buck naked on a chair at her desk made my cock instantly hard.

Giggling, she said, “I couldn’t have imagined that.”

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