I was so hungry.

I had such a craving and an urge that only he could quench.

And with a forceful shove of his hips, he drove his thick cock all the way in, claiming me completely. Yes, yes, yes… I was his.

In and out he thrust, deeper and deeper with each pounding action. My moans blended with his as our bodies merged as one. He was my general in this war of lust, and my body would forever be his to command, to master, to lead toward completion.

“Fucking mine,” he growled as he powered into me, his muscles taut, his eyes glazed over. “Cry out for me, baby,” he groaned. “Cry, baby, cry.”

As if I needed the command, like a dutiful soldier, I did just as he ordered. A wave of warmth that had been resting on the cliff since he took my nipple into his mouth finally released. Pure carnality shook through my body as I cried out his name… crying in the only way I ever wanted to cry again.

Moaning with each pulsation of decadence that attacked my pussy, I truly melted into an abyss of sexual heaven. With a few more thrusts, Price added with his own pleasurable moans, and he too joined me in our own utopian paradise.

Slipping my arms around his neck, I pulled away enough to stare into his eyes. There was so much I wanted to say. So much I wanted to tell him. But right now, right this second, I enjoyed the silence.

“I need to get to work,” he said as he flung his legs over the bed.

My heart sank. I wanted more cuddle time. I wanted more of him. “It’s Sunday. Can’t you take one day off? Maybe we can go for a hike or something. I saw some snowshoes in the garage. I’ve never done that and—”

“I can’t,” he said, walking toward his closet. “I need to finish this ending. I’m a few days away from it if I stay focused.”

I didn’t like his answer. I hated his answer. But maybe if he knew how badly I wanted to go outside and play…

“Please? It’s sunny out. And you said a storm is coming soon, so shouldn’t we go out and enjoy the nice day while it lasts? We may be cooped up inside for a while.” I lowered the blanket to reveal a breast on full display to tempt him. “Price,” I said as he turned to look at me. “Come back to bed. Let’s play.”

It was completely unlike me to be so flirty and sexually open, but I was having fun with it. The man turned me into an animal at times.

Price looked away as if my tease did nothing. He pulled on his pants and pulled a sweatshirt on as if I wasn’t lying there naked in bed, willing and waiting.


“Tessa!” he snapped, walking toward the door. “I need to get to work. I’m sorry.” Without saying another word, or even walking over to the bed to give me a simple kiss goodbye, he left and headed to his office… again. Just like every single damn day since we arrived.

The pang in my heart from his hasty rejection quickly turned to anger. The anger turned to rage. The rage turned to defiance.

All right, fucker! You don’t want to go on a hike outside with me, then I will do it by myself!

Yanking my own clothes on in a fury, not paying attention to what I actually put on, I then stormed out to the main room. The man had hurt my ego, my feelings. I asked for one damn day off, and practically threw myself on him only to be cast aside for his damn book. That damn fucking book!

“Oh, good, you’re up,” Price said as he came out of his office with an empty coffee cup in hand. “What do you have in mind for breakfast? I’m starving.”

Son of a bitch! Did he not even see that I was mad?

“Grab a bagel or something,” I snapped. “I’m going snowshoeing before it starts snowing hard.”


“Did I stutter?” Okay, I was being a bitch, but I didn’t care. My temper had blown and there was no pushing it back in once I got going on a rampage.

“What the fuck has gotten into you?” He took a few steps toward me. “And you are not going out in the woods alone. You know it’s one of my rules.”

“Yes, you and your rules,” I said, rolling my eyes. “What Price says, goes. Yes, yes, I know. I know.”

“I don’t like how you are speaking or acting,” he said with warning laced throughout every syllable.

“Well, I feel the same way. I don’t exactly like how you’re acting either,” I countered as I put my hands on my hips and took a step toward him as a predator would slowly stalk its prey.

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