I could hear her gasp behind me. “I will not!” When I didn’t turn or say anything further, she added, “You can’t keep spanking me as a… as a consequence. No one does this!”

“I do this,” I said as I spun on my heels to face her. “I’m going to count to three with my fingers. For every count, and for every finger, that exact finger will be inserted inside of you.”

Her eyes opened wide, just as her mouth did. “What? Did you just say you plan to put your finger in me? In me how?”

“Your ass,” I said, trying not to smirk. Her shocked expressions amused me. She knew she was in trouble. She just didn’t truly know how much. Yet. “One finger, you can handle since we have already done that before. You may not have liked it exactly, but we know you can handle it just fine. Two will sting. I’m sure we don’t want to get to three. So I advise you to march to this chair as fast as you can.”

“Price… come on. This is going too far.”

“One,” I began as I held up my index finger.

I didn’t think her eyes could grow even bigger, but they did. She didn’t move, however.

“Two,” I continued as I brought up a second finger to join the first. My cock twitched against my pants as I pictured both of my fingers being shoved up her tiny asshole, spreading her wide as she pleaded for mercy.

She shook her head vehemently. “No way. This is not happening.”

“Three,” I added as a third finger joined the first two. “This is going to hurt.” I finally released the smirk that was threatening to break my cool bravado. “I didn’t know you were into fisting, Tessa. But that is exactly what this is going to become if you don’t come over here, kneel on this chair, and push your ass out like I originally asked.”

“Fisting!” she barely squeaked out. “I don’t even… this is insane. You can’t really expect to put three fingers in my ass.”

“It will be four in a second.”

“Okay, okay!” she snapped as she rushed to the chair. She shot daggers from her eyes as she positioned herself on the chair.

“Hold onto the back and push out your ass.”

A small whimper was her only response as she did exactly as I commanded. Yes, she knew she was in trouble, but this time, it was obvious she was getting a pretty good idea just how much.

“There are all sorts of spankings a naughty girl can receive. There is the sexy and fun kind that involves fucking. There is discipline for minor infractions or attitude adjustments, and there are true punishments. You running out in a fit of rage into the snow and having no idea where you were going warrants a true punishment. Like I said, there are consequences for your actions. It could have been you freezing to death out there alone tonight had I not found you. Lucky for you, your consequence is only my wrath instead of Mother Nature’s.”

Tessa flinched when my hand made contact with her covered bottom. Yes, she knew just how much trouble she was in. I could have punished her by making her wait—enduring the agony of not really knowing what was next to come, but my cock ached to have her mouth wrapped tightly around it, so my own body and my own needs were rushing the torture along. I lifted up her dress and bunched it up at her lower back. I then lowered her panties to her upper thighs, exposing her to the warm air of the room. Regardless of the heated room from the fire, I could see chill bumps run along her flesh.

“Price, I told you why I ran. I also apologized,” Tessa began, but she never broke position. Her tight ass pushed out, just begging for my touch.

“Words,” I replied as I caressed her firm cheek with the palm of my hand. “All words which I prefer to be left in books. In real life, I prefer actions.” I accentuated my statement by raising my hand and then bringing it down hard on her upturned butt. The loud slapping sound of hand against skin was met with a mewl from her pouty lips.

Yes, Tessa knew exactly how much trouble she was in, because she didn’t budge from her pose even slightly. She was in the best display possible. Her pose had my dick so hard that I wasn’t sure if I would be able to take her to task. I wanted to fuck her bad.

Unbuckling my belt, I yanked the leather from around my waist. The jingle of metal from the buckle, and the swooshing of the thick leather through the air caused Tessa to quiver and her spine stiffen. She nearly broke her pose, but I swatted her again with my hand to remind her how a good girl should remain.

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