Her hips bucked as her moan turned into a tiny scream. Her pussy quivered around my mouth, and the taste of her release coated my tongue. I lapped up every last bit of her completion as her body shook on the tail end of her climax.

Not wanting her to fully become sated, I moved up to her breasts and began to circle my tongue around one nipple, and then moved to pay the same attention to the other. Molding the flesh of her firm and perky mounds with my hands, I could no longer fight the hunger. I needed my cock buried deep inside of her ass and couldn’t wait any longer.

I placed my lips at the shell of her ear and growled, “I’m going to fuck you in the ass now. It is going to hurt, Tessa. It’s going to hurt bad, but also hurt so, so good.”

“Yes, yes, please,” she begged. “I want this. I do.”

Placing the head of my dick at her back entrance, I slowly eased in, pausing when I felt her body tense with resistance. I knew this was the time where I fully claimed her. Her anal virginity would belong to me, just as she would.

Forever mine. Mine on the mountain.

Forever to play with as I choose.

“Take a deep breath and relax,” I ordered as I pushed firmly against the tightly closed puckered flesh as Tessa cried out. “Shhh…” I cooed as I paused for a moment so she could adjust to my girth and to the sensation of being stretched. “I know this hurts.”

“I think you’re too big. I don’t think I can take all of you.” Her eyes were wide, and her voice quivered as she said the words.

“Yes, you can. You will take all of me. You have no other choice.”

Wanting to be gentle was one thing. Actually being able to was another. Gentle and sweet when it came to fucking and claiming what was mine just wasn’t in my nature.

Raw, hard, aggressive was who I was.

I launched a steady rhythm of pushing in and out, only being fueled by her soft little mewls. A steady staccato of my cock pulling out just enough to spread her opening even wider, and then plummeting back inside, so deep I could feel the walls of her ass constricting around me. In and out, I claimed her in one of the most animalistic and taboo of ways. In and out, she gave herself to me. Mine.

Not being able to hold back my own pleasure any longer, I allowed the surge of my ecstasy to take over, filling my seed deep within her tiny hole.

“Price,” she called out, the sound so sweet on her pouty lips.


“Will you ever let me go?”

“Never. Never. You are mine and I am one stingy son of a bitch.”

Chapter Fourteen


I’m not exactly sure why I was even thinking of my mother. I had spent most of my adult life trying to forget about her and just live my life as normally as I could, but I woke up with her on my mind. I had been up in the cabin for a long time, and I realized I had never even told her I was leaving San Francisco. It didn’t really matter, since she didn’t even know where in San Francisco I lived, but for some reason today I felt a little guilty for not at least saying goodbye and telling her where I was at. What if something did happen to me? She wouldn’t even know. Price wouldn’t even know how to contact her or even that he should. I had told the man next to nothing about me, my past, and definitely nothing about my mother. It was something I just wanted to not discuss and move on. Out of sight, out of mind, and saving my sanity.

But today was different.

Guilt was winning.

“Price,” I said softly, hating to disturb him as he wrote. “Can I ask a favor?”

“Yes, what?” he asked, not looking up from his computer and continuing to type. He had a skill of being able to still write as he spoke to me as long as it was short and sweet.

“Do you mind if I use the phone to call my mother?”

He paused typing and looked up. “Call your mother? Of course. Why?”

“I haven’t touched base with her in a long time, and for some reason I feel I should.” Maybe it was a little bit of cabin fever and boredom. Maybe I needed to hear another voice besides Price’s. “I don’t have a cell phone though.” Shame filled me as I said those words. Who in today’s age didn’t have a cell phone? Until I was getting weekly deposits put into my bank account by Price, I never had enough money to pay for a phone.

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