Chapter Sixteen


I knew this day would come. Six months, one week, four days, and it was finally here. The day we would have to leave the cabin. But I didn’t expect how sad it would truly make me. Price and I hadn’t really spoken about what would happen next. What it would mean for me as a job, and what it would mean for me and Price and what had formed between us. We wouldn’t be living together anymore. That much I knew, and that alone made me really sad. I couldn’t imagine not seeing him every day, and not being with him. And where would I go? I had no place to go back to, though I had a nice chunk of change after being paid for my time in the mountains to find someplace new, I still wasn’t thrilled with the idea. But I didn’t want to be that girl. The clingy girl who thinks there is more than there really is. There definitely was something between Price and me. I wasn’t going to deny that, nor did I think he would. But what happened next, I had no idea. And I didn’t have the balls to ask him or even bring it up. I kept waiting for him to, and the wait alone was agony.

I walked into his office with his morning coffee in hand. He was on the phone with someone I assumed was his editor since that was the only person he ever spoke to.

“Yes, I sent over the master document fully completed this morning,” he said as he smiled at me as I walked in.

I brought the coffee to his desk and turned to leave, but Price pulled me down onto his lap instead.

“Yeah, we’re going to head back today, and yes, I can make Los Angeles happen if you think that the deal is actually going to fly. I don’t want to waste my time otherwise.” Price paused as I could hear Brett’s muffled voice speaking on the other end. “Fine by me. Go ahead and make the arrangements and text me the details. I’ll have Tessa book me a flight and hotel.” Price hung up the phone and kissed me firmly on the mouth. “Good morning.”

“Good morning,” I answered with my eyes still closed as I slowly pulled away from the kiss. A girl could get used to spending her mornings greeted this way.

“That was Brett. I guess a studio is interested in turning my book from last year into a movie.”

“That’s fantastic news,” I said, still not wanting to get off his lap. Never wanting to get off his lap. “I guess I better get busy.”

He tugged my wrist toward him, giving me no choice but to stumble up against his chest.

“Kiss me,” he ordered in a gruff whisper.

I followed his direction gladly. I wanted nothing more than to feel his lips against mine.

“Remove your clothes,” he ordered again.

Without hesitation, something I remembered he appreciated—immediate compliance—I stood back and with as much grace as I could muster, removed each item as seductively as I could. It was a dance I was performing for my audience of one.

Price sat back on his desk and crossed his arms against his chest, clearly enjoying the display.

“Stand naked before me,” he commanded once all my clothes were removed.

I did so without protest.

“Spin, and allow me to see that ass of yours.”

I did as he asked, turning my back to him.

“Bend over so I can see you on full display.”

I paused for a moment, but did as he asked. “Your demands are dark and twisted.”

“You have no idea how true that statement is. Spread your cheeks for me. I want to see the bottom hole that I plan to claim again and again,” he ordered.

My heart skipped, but I reached behind me and pulled apart the fleshy mounds of my ass. The cool air of the room invading the most intimate of spots sent shivers down my spine. He said nothing for seconds, but it seemed like a lifetime. I remained in position, almost feeling his stare. The juices that had formed between my lips were also on display, and I was sure he could indeed see that fact. I could smell my scent of need and wondered if he could smell me as well as see exactly what his authoritative words did to me.

I heard the motion of him getting off the desk. I remained in position, determined to stay that way until he gave the command to move. I could hear him rummaging through a drawer and fought the temptation to glance over.

I jumped slightly when I felt his palm on my ass. “Keep them spread,” he directed. A cold liquid touched my anus, and I tensed and nearly let go of my cheeks. “I want to take you here. I want my cock buried in the depth of your ass again.”