My heart beat so hard, I could feel the pulse in my temples. I swallowed back the lump in my throat, trying not to jerk up and run out of the office. Panic mixed with a forbidden desire to have him do just as he pleased rumbled within me. I liked it last time. In fact, I had loved it. But it still made me nervous.

He continued to spread the lubrication all around my anus and pressed it past the puckered hole with his finger. He coated every inch of my hole, preparing it for entry.

He moved me to the edge of the desk and pressed me down to lie on my stomach against the cool surface. “Have you fantasized about me taking your ass again?”

I nodded, realizing that subconsciously I must have. The idea of anal sex had always been off limits with anyone else before, and yet, here I was with Price, excited… craving it more than once.

“I will be gentle, but it will take some time for you to adjust. Just because it happened once, doesn’t mean you will get used to the bite. I need you to trust me, relax with my touch, and completely give me your submission.”

“Is it going to hurt just as bad as last time?” I asked in my most innocent voice. I was enjoying this little game. I wanted his cock buried in my ass again more than anything, and I knew he wanted the same. But the innocent, anal virgin game was fun.

“You know it will. Just the way you like it, baby.”

I nodded. I couldn’t have said anything more if I tried. My breathing came in ragged pants, and my body hummed with a sensation I had never known.

He lowered himself over my back and began to softly kiss the side of my neck, my shoulder, my earlobe—each kiss sending tingles to my throbbing pussy. His cock pressed against the crease of my butt.

“I’m scared,” I lied. The only thing I was truly scared of was him stopping.

“I’ll take care of you. Just breathe and trust me.”

“I’m scared it will hurt too much,” I admitted.

“You’ll feel a bite of pain as my cock enters you. But as your little hole relaxes, it will allow me better entrance. You just have to relax the best you can.” He kissed my neck and nibbled my ear. “But the pleasure I give you will be worth the little bit of pain.”

He reached down with his hand and guided his cock to my tight back entrance. Very slowly, and with so much control, he pressed the tip of his dick past the tight ring. He paused so I could get used to the initial shock.

“Relax. Open yourself to me,” he purred in my ear, following the words with soft kisses to my neck.

He pushed further, causing me to gasp. The bite, the stretch, the erotic feeling, all became too much. I shook my head. “You’re too big for me. I think I’ll tear.”

Price whispered in my ear, “You’ve thought that before, and you took me just fine. Might have hurt, but hurt so fucking good. Take a deep breath.” I did as he asked. “Take another one, and relax your muscles. You need to trust that once I am fully inside you, it will feel good. Submit your fear, your tension, and your body to me.”

He reached a hand around my front and found my clit. He circled his finger around, causing me to moan in delight. I focused my attention on the arousal his finger gave me and was able to ease the muscles of my anus. Doing so allowed his cock to press completely into my ass.

“That’s it, baby,” he praised as he slowly pumped his length in and out. “Let me claim that ass of yours. Let me make you mine.”

My bottom hole stretched to impossible levels, but my body heightened with each move of his cock. It was a different type of pleasure than with my pussy, but it was still pleasure.

Having Price’s cock fill my ass and pump in and out gave me a sense of belonging. At that very moment, I was his. I had given myself completely.

“I want to come in your ass,” he moaned.

“Yes, yes!”

His gentle thrusts became a little more aggressive. Each push went slightly deeper than before. Tingles in my ass became sparks of ecstasy. My dark channel pulsated around his cock, and I screamed out his name.

My sound of pleasure brought on a few more driving thrusts, and Price ended the fucking with a roar. I could feel his shooting seed fill my hole.

We rested on the desk for quite some time. I listened to his deep breaths as I gathered my own.

“So as soon as we get back to San Francisco, I’ll need you to make the arrangements for me to go down there and meet them in person.” Price’s words were like cold water being poured on me.

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