Page 104 of Fallen Daughters

Was this submission? Was this what it was like to submit to a man? His dominance—her surrender. If this is what dominance and submission was all about, then hell fucking yes. Sign her up.

“I need to leave some marks on you,” he said as he spanked harder than all the times combined. “Rune and the others need to see that I have taken you in hand.” He continued to spank with a furious tempo.

Jessa cried out in pain, but didn’t plead for him to stop. The idea of being marked by his touch, sizzled her core just as much as his discipline did the same to her body. She wanted the label, she wanted the bruise, she wanted to be claimed as Decker’s and for all to see that he had made her his. She wouldn’t have to fight anymore, or worry that if she didn’t struggle, death would be waiting for her. No, she could just be Decker’s. Decker’s to protect, and Decker’s to get her out of this mess one way or the other.

“Cry louder,” he commanded. “Let them hear it outside. Louder!”

It wasn’t hard for her to follow his order since she had no more control. Her body was his completely, her soul completely dominated by the man. She cried, she howled from the top of her lungs, and she released everything dark, fearful, and full of hate feeling from her body. She released all that was wrong in the world, and wrong with this place in her cries. She cried for the other sex slaves. She cried for the babies being born, and she cried for who would die when it would be time for the raid. Over and over, Decker punished, and over and over, she cried.

She was lost. Lost in the sea of pain. So lost, that it took her several minutes to realize that Decker had stopped the spanking and had gathered her securely into his arms. He held her close and rocked her back and forth, kissing her cheek, her forehead, even kissing the tip of her nose. He rubbed her back and pressed her so close to his body, she could have almost melted into his embrace.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I had to do that, Jessa. So sorry,” he said between kisses.

Decker held her like that until all the tears had stopped, and until her sobs disappeared completely. She looked up at him and could see pain washed over his features. It wasn’t pity that she felt for him, but she did feel his sadness. His job, his career, this mission had taken its toll on him. He was a good man who had to beat all the goodness away. She saw it all so clearly now. She could truly see this man. He was not a monster, but a hero. A hero in disguise.

It was unlike Jessa Crowe to just throw all caution to the wind. To act upon a feeling without thinking, second guessing, and then often times talking herself out of it. But this time, as she slowly moved her lips to his, she allowed her heart, her desire, and her hunger for her hero to win the battle. She kissed him.

Decker froze for a brief moment, but then allowed the kiss to break his defense as well. His tongue brushed up softly to hers, testing the connection tentatively. This was not a kiss of pure passion. There was no hunger or wild fervor like kisses of her past. No, this was a kiss of caution. A kiss of seeing if the result would be a burn or stab. This was a kiss of two people unsure of what was to come. Decker’s hands reached behind her head and pulled her in closer. So close that the kiss grew in intensity. This kiss was all they had at that moment. It was all that they had to hold them together. A kiss held up the walls that were threatening to collapse in them both. It gave them both strength. Power.

Decker pulled away and studied Jessa for several moments before whispering, “This is dangerous.”

“I don’t care.”


“If I have to look like I’ve been fucked hard all day, I might as well get the benefit of it.” These were not words spoken of a sane or rational woman, this much she knew. But she had stepped into a world of madness, and for right now, she wanted to play her part.

“Do you know what you are saying?” Decker asked, as he ran his fingers through her blonde hair. “If we go down this path, I’m not sure I’m strong enough to stop this time. If we start…” He took a deep breath. “This is dangerous.”

“I know. I want danger. I want to fuck danger. I want to hold it close because it feels so wrong and yet so right. Fuck me, danger. Fuck me so hard.” Jessa gave up all control. It was her body speaking. Her lust, her need for something other than the awful hate outside the doors of the cabin. For right now, for this very second, she wanted nothing more than Decker and Danger.