Page 105 of Fallen Daughters

Danger would look at her. Danger would pull her in, strangle her, chock her until she could breathe nothing in but the dark murky taste of black. Black tastes so bitter. So fucking bitter, and yet so sweet.

In a whirl of passionate haze, Decker tossed Jessa onto the bed and effortlessly removed his clothing, joining her in nothing but skin on skin. The weight of his body on hers acted like a blanket of comfort.

“Jessa,” he whispered as he kissed her softly on her neck. “Tell me to stop, and I will.”

“No, please don’t. Don’t stop.” She reached around, grabbed both sides of his ass, and pulled him into her. His cock rested at the entrance of her pussy, and with one thrust of her hips, she buried him inside.

They both moaned as their bodies united, remaining motionless for a moment to just take in the sensation of becoming one. This wasn’t fucking. This wasn’t him taking for the benefit of others watching. This was more. This was two broken people finding a way back to the light.

And like two soldiers marching off to war, they began their cadence. In and out, push and pull, they made love. Decker wasn’t a Delta Force infiltrator, and Jessa was no longer a captive. They were a man and a woman clinging for some form of pleasure before they had to go outside and face what they both dreaded. But for right now, for this very second, they had each other.

Arching her back, she thrust her hips hard so he had to drive in even deeper. Her inner walls spasmed and electricity jolted through her. She was about to come, and she was about to come fucking hard. Decker sensed her impending ecstasy and increased the tempo and force, demanding that she reach completion with every motion of his body.

Reaching down with one hand, he pressed his finger onto her clit and began moving it in small circles. “Yes, that’s it, baby. Come for me. Come,” he coaxed.

His deep voice issuing an order was all it took. Lights flashed behind her eyelids and she screamed out his name as her body rocked beneath his. Her cries of passion must have been all it took to snap his control, because he followed her mews with a growl of satisfaction as he filled her with his seed.

Breathing deep, and feeling more satisfied than Jessa could ever remember, she whispered, “That was…that was—”

“Yes, it was,” Decker interrupted between his own deep breaths. He brought his mouth to hers and kissed her deep, claiming her mouth as he had just claimed her sex. “You may not be mine when this mess is all over. But for right now, you are, and after that…it’s going to be really hard letting you go.”

God, what was wrong with her? There was a part of her that actually hated the thought of being rescued. It would mean leaving Decker. What in the hell was wrong with her? She must be losing her mind. She was going insane. Everything is so God damn dark. Everything is hate.

“I fucking hate you—or at least I should. I fucking want to kill you—or at least I should try to. I should fucking want to see you die in misery by my hand and yet…I would rather feel your cock buried deep within me. I want to feel your hand on my ass, spanking me until I scream for you to stop. I want, Decker. I want so bad. Everything that is so wrong.”

Decker remained silent, but nodded his understanding as he peppered her face with the most tender of kisses.

“Everything about this is wrong. It screams against who I was, who I thought I was. This is not the woman I once believed to be. And yet, I want that woman to die just as bad as I want you to die. I want us both to fucking die and only have what is right now.” Jessa began crying, insanity had broken through her moment of sexual bliss. “Two people who are hollow. Fucking for the sake of being fucked. Fucking for survival. We must survive the right now, but we must also survive the darkness that has always been.”

“We’ll get through this,” he whispered between kisses. “I promise you, we will.”

“Help me survive. Please. Help me survive this hole of hate that I am in—that I am afraid I will always been in.”

“We will get out of this alive, and we will heal. I will be there to help you heal. I promise. But for right now, we focus on getting out of here alive.”

“Is it wrong? Is wrong that I like the feel of your hands on my throat? I like the feel of being the prey of the hunter. I like feeling like I could die by your hand, or feel mercy by your grace. I like knowing that I am yours. You have the power to decide if I even exist.”