Page 11 of Fallen Daughters


When I entered my assigned room, Knox was standing by the window with his back toward me. He seemed lost in thought, and I wondered if he had even heard me enter. I took a few more steps inside, unsure what I should do next.

“You did good in there,” he said, still not turning around. “Oz should be satisfied with what happened, and not feel like you will need to be broken.”

I held my hands in front of my bare mound and had never felt so exposed before in my life. I noticed that there were cameras in the corners of my room, but they were not nearly as invasive as having Gage standing only a few feet away zooming in and out with a camera in order to get every close-up angle he could. The thought of what must have been captured and sent to Oz made me ill. I knew the man was fucked up, but I had no idea just how much until now.

Knox turned around and stared at me, examining my nudity as if he was making sure I was ‘dressed’ properly for this twisted party of which I was a forced guest. The cool air of the room mixing with the cold stare of Knox had my nipples hardening and shivers running up my spine.

“So answer me this,” he said as his eyes finally made their way to mine. “How is it that you arrived already broken? Most women in your position put up much more of a fight. They scream. They demand. They beg and plead for mercy. Some would even rather die than endure what you just did.”

“Would you have preferred that?” I asked, shifting my weight from one foot to the other. I felt faint from the ordeal and wanted to sit down, but I remembered his words that I was to do nothing without his command to do it. “To break me?”

“No. I find your already shattered pieces all the more interesting.”

Knox approached me, took hold of my hair once again, and led me to the edge of the bed. I wondered if that was the only way I would ever walk again—guided by Knox’s fist holding my hair at the scalp.

He lowered me to the bed and released my hair. He took a few steps back and crossed his arms against his chest. “What did you do to Oz?”


I looked up at him and saw his eyebrow rise. He was reading me, or at least trying to.

I licked my dry lips and added, “I was his bookkeeper and got sloppy. The Feds caught on, I got scared, and I tried to make a deal with them for my freedom.” I took a deep breath. “And now I’m here.”

Knox nodded. “Yes, now you are here and will be for a while. So, let’s get a couple of rules out of the way. You will remain in this room unless you are escorted out by me. There is a bathroom in here, and all food will be delivered here unless I choose to bring you to the dining room. You will remain naked from this point on. Get used to having your body belong to me. I will come here when I feel like it. It could be several times a day, or not at all. You will not question what I ask. You will not resist me in any way.” He looked toward the window. “You can try to escape, but won’t get far. Cameras are everywhere and we will catch you. You have the opportunity to walk out of here with your life if you understand and follow these rules. Do you understand?”

I nodded.

“Do you have any questions?”

For the first time since arriving and meeting Knox, he seemed to soften some. His eyes were less severe and his jaw was no longer firm. I believed he truly was giving me the opportunity to ask whatever I wanted without penalty.

Drumming up some courage, I asked, “How many women are here?”

“Depends. There are several Monsters of Mercy who reside here. Oz tends to keep us very busy,” he answered.

I paused and wondered how far I could go with the questions. I didn’t want to push too far in fear of what the consequences would be. My hesitation must have been obvious on my face because Knox added, “Ask your questions now if you have them.”

“What will you do to me? To earn these credits.”

“Whatever I want.”

“Will you fuck me?”

Knox smiled, closed the distance between us, and sat down on the edge of the bed next to me. He took hold of my nipple and pinched. It hurt but not unbearably so. I gasped at the uninvited touch, but didn’t try to pull away.

“Would you like that, sparrow? For me to fuck you?”

“No,” I said in not much more than a whisper.