Page 14 of Fallen Daughters

I wanted a taste so bad.

I wasn’t sure how many days, or how many nights passed, but Knox had changed the woman I once was. He broke down my walls and left me wide open for the taking. My battle scars were left without bandages, and Knox only opened the wounds wider.

“You have a filthy mouth, my sparrow,” he said as he walked toward my bathroom.

I held my position bent over the bed, schooled in what would happen if I acted on my own free will without permission.

“I think it’s time I teach you what happens to girls with dirty, filthy mouths,” he said as he disappeared from my sight.

My pussy throbbed at the warning in his voice. I had no idea what he had in store, and though I was sure parts of me would hate every moment of what Knox had planned for this morning’s session, other more sinful parts of me would love every torturous second of his evil ministrations to my body, mind, and soul.

“Kneel,” he commanded as he reentered the bedroom with something fisted in his hand, and a glass of water in the other.

I quickly did as he asked, licking my lips in anticipation of what was to come. A chance to earn more credits. Credits that I had long lost count of. I no longer paid my penance for credits. No. I paid my penance for Knox. For the one day he would deem me worthy of his cock being buried inside of me.

There was a time in my life, I would have screamed and shouted at any woman who would submit to a man. Especially to a man as strict and severe as Knox. But I no longer cared. Rules of society had ceased existing the minute I walked through the doors of the manor. Life as it once was no longer existed for me. My nightmare had become a fantasy, and my fantasies had become this nightmare.

“It’s time Daddy teaches you a lesson,” he said as he stood before me, placed the water by my knees as well as a bar of soap, and unfastened his pants. When his hard cock popped out from its constraints, he said, “It’s time I clean that mouth of yours out.”

I stared at his cock in awe. It was thick, bigger than I expected, and hard—hard for me.

“I want you to wet my cock with your tongue, then rub the bar of soap all over it.”

When I didn’t move fast enough, still processing his words in my foggy brain, he took hold of his dick and slapped it across my face. He then pressed his cock past my lips before I had a chance to do it of my own free will, though willing I was. I moved my head up and down, swirling my tongue as I did so, savoring the taste of my monster.

“Get it nice and wet,” he said huskily.

He took hold of my hair and guided my head at a speed he chose. Up and down, I sucked and softly moaned against his cock. I licked every inch I could, not wanting one inch of his length missed. I all but devoured him. His salty taste and the essence of his manhood flooding my senses, I coated his throbbing sex entirely.

“Now grab that bar of soap by you and coat my cock. It’s time I wash your mouth out with soap, naughty girl.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I said as my pussy ached for attention.

I picked up the white bar and started caressing Knox’s cock with it. Small suds formed as the soap mixed with my saliva. I stroked the soap up and down the length of his shaft just as I knew Knox wanted me to do.

“Now place my cock in your mouth, naughty girl. This is what you get for having a filthy mouth. Time we cleanse it.”

Not stopping to consider the awful taste or just how much this truly would be a punishment, I placed Knox’s soap-coated penis inside my mouth and began sucking as I once had. I whimpered as the dreadful taste attacked. I gagged as the tip of his cock pressed against the back of my throat with the soap only intensifying the sensation.

“Bad girls get their mouths washed out with soap,” he said, tugging my hair when I tried to pull back as I sucked in air to help ease the turmoil occurring inside my mouth.

Using his other hand, he reached down and cupped my breast, changing my whimpers to a moan.

Mercifully removing his dick from my mouth, Knox spread his pre-cum mixed with remnants of soap on my lips as he said, “Let me paint this perfect pink pout of yours. I’m about to make you Daddy’s cum slut.”

I looked up into his eyes and nodded.

He slapped the head of his cock against my cheek. “You want Daddy’s cock, little sparrow? Do you want Daddy to punish you now with his cock?”