Page 15 of Fallen Daughters

Fuck, yes. Fuck, yes! Although my words were lost in my own hunger begging to be satiated.

I wanted him so bad. I wanted him to split me wide open with his cock. My pure white sexual experiences from before about to become pitch black. I wanted raw. I wanted depraved. I wanted dark emotions and desires. And I knew that Knox was the only one who would truly give me what I wanted, and what I so desperately needed. Everything had been leading up to this. He had opened a Pandora’s Box of horrific fantasies and delights hidden deep within, and now that they were unleashed, he was the only man who could tame them.

“Take a drink of water, swish it around in your mouth, and then spit it out back in the glass,” he ordered.

I was grateful for this, because though the soap misery had dissipated some, I did wish to rid the residue from the inner lining of my mouth. As I swished and spit the last bit out into the glass, Knox bent down and placed his hands under my arms, lifting me to standing. He then swooped me into his arms and carried me over to the bed. The tender touch and almost loving gesture had my mind spinning with the wicked and twisted lust from my naughty discipline only moments ago.

The softness was quickly replaced, however, when he placed me on my back and spread my legs wide. Without pause, he swatted my pussy, causing me to jump and cry out in surprise.

“We are going to make these lips of your cunt swell so every time I thrust into you, you cry out in pain.” He swatted my bare pussy again and again. The sting only heightened my need for more.

“Please…” I begged like so many times before, but this time I felt like my pleas may actually be answered.

My heart skipped a beat when Knox quickly shed himself of his clothing. His actions were smooth and graceful, but not nearly fast enough for my need. I thought about sitting up and assisting him in getting undressed but remained frozen. I didn’t want to do a single thing to have Knox change his mind or decide I needed another punishment instead.

When the weight of the bed shifted as he straddled my body, my heart hitched. This was it. I glanced down at his cock and a tiny twinge of fear set in when I wondered if his size would be too much for me to take. I wasn’t experienced in bed, and the few times before were with men far less impressive.

Knox lowered his weight upon me and positioned his cock at my pussy. The meaty head stretched my hole wide as he entered, and I moaned with the biting pain. He didn’t give me any time to get used to his girth but rather began thrusting in and out at a steady pace. There were no kisses. No caresses. No loving words of affection. The actions were cold yet the heat between us blazed to an epic proportion of inferno. My body exploded almost instantly, finally free to release the long overdue energy that had been pent up since captivity. Knox hadn’t given me permission to come, but I didn’t care. I would accept whatever punishment he would deliver later for my actions. It would be worth it. So fucking worth it.

As I cried out his name and my pussy contracted around his cock, he pulled his face back enough so he could look into my eyes. Maybe it was the sexual energy flowing through me, or maybe it was simply wishful thinking, but I saw something in his eyes.


Emotion beyond what normally only belonged to a sadist.


Knox continued to push and pull inside of me as his eyes never left mine. In and out, I saw him. In and out, I felt him. In and out, Knox seemed to merge with not just my body, but my soul. I was his… I had been his for a long time. But at this very moment, I truly believed he was…

He was mine.

He was my Monster of Mercy, and I was never going to let him go.

I never wanted this moment to end. Never. But eventually, my body exploded again, and it was all that Knox needed to groan loudly and give one final thrust as he came inside of me. Taking a few minutes to gather his senses as he breathed against the pillow beside my head, he eventually pulled his face back and stared at me again. He didn’t say anything, nor did I. But something was different at that moment.

He was not a monster.

He was a man.

Nothing but a man.

I was not the prey.

I was a woman.

Nothing but a woman.

But we were together. We were as one. We were in this nightmare together, and we both knew it.