Page 25 of Fallen Daughters

“You are all now my beauties. You belong to me and no one else. The only way you can break free from my hold is when I no longer want you. At which time, you will be discarded like trash.” He paused, but didn’t move his stance at all. “I have high expectations of my beauties. For that reason, I will assign each of you a trainer. Your trainer is responsible for doing all that it takes to have you ready to fully join my harem of prized beauties. It could take months, it could take years, and it may never actually happen. The decision is mine and only mine.”

I looked past Pike to the men standing at attention behind him, assuming they were the trainers he spoke of. When I did so, I noticed that the one standing directly in front of me was staring right at me. Not at my sex like Pike had, but into my eyes. This man did not break his stare. Was he to be my trainer? Like Pike, his hair was dark—almost black. He was a little taller than the men he stood next to, and his broad chest a little wider. I couldn’t make out the color of his eyes, since they were shadowed, but they seemed ominous. His lips pressed firmly together and his rigid jaw line scared me. I didn’t want him to be my trainer. He looked far more severe than the other men did.

“You will be fed. You will be cared for. You will be far better off here with me and my men than you ever were before out in that god forsaken land,” Pike continued. “I know you are all afraid, my beauties. And although there is much to fear, especially my wrath, I do want you all to know that as long as you behave, you will prosper under my rule.” He took a long pause and then clapped his hands. “Well, let’s begin! Trainers, I believe it is time you introduce yourselves to the beauties.”

Each of the trainers silently walked over and stood in a line before us. The man who had been staring at me was indeed my assigned trainer, but I already knew that. I glanced up at him briefly, but when his dark eyes glared into mine, I had to look toward the ground to avoid the intensity.

“Men,” Pike said.

On his word, my trainer unbuttoned his pants, unzipped, and pulled out his large penis. In shock, I glanced down the line of captive women to see that each of the trainers had done the exact same thing, and penis after penis went as far as I could see.

“My beauties. I would like for you to formally meet your trainer. Open up your mouths, and greet the man you are to obey at all times. Open wide. Now.” His last word was so sharp that I actually flinched when the booming voice echoed off the walls. I remained frozen, not knowing what to do. As simple as the command sounded, the actual idea of having the man’s body part in my mouth as I sat helpless before him seemed impossible. I could hear cries and gags around me, the sound of faces being smacked for undoubtedly doing as I was—nothing. Although when my trainer’s hand moved to my face, a slap did not occur. Instead, he reached for my chin, and pulled my face to the tip of his hardened flesh. He continued to hold my chin as he pressed past my lips and rested heavy on my tongue. I didn’t have a choice but to open wide as the thickness of his member filled every inch of open space in my mouth. The weight was heavy against my tongue, and as he pressed deeper inside, I struggled not to gag as his full size touched the back of my throat. He released my chin and placed both of his hands on each side of my head, and gently began rocking his hips. The friction of my lips along his smooth and velvety skin caused his penis to twitch and grow even bigger.

I looked up at him, and for the first time since he entered the room, he wasn’t staring at me. Instead, he had his eyes closed, his head tilted back slightly, and it appeared as if I were giving him pleasure by having my mouth around him. I glanced to my right and saw the woman beside me crying as her trainer jammed his veiny penis forcefully into her mouth. At least mine kept his pushing and pulling at a steady and almost gentle rhythm. I wasn’t crying, nor was I gagging anymore. Instead, I focused on the actual act itself. Tasting the saltiness, smelling the musky odor, and feeling the black hairs that circled his sex brush up against my face each time he drove as far into my mouth as he could. I simply held my position, kept my mouth open, and tried to tune out all the moans, cries, choking and mewling all around me. I think it helped that my trainer kept his hands firmly placed on my head. It offered me the support and guidance that I so desperately needed.