Page 26 of Fallen Daughters

“That’s it, my beauties,” I heard Pike call out from a distance. “Suck those cocks. Worship that cock in your mouth. You are to do exactly as your trainer orders. He is your master and is acting under my command. Everything he tells you to do is directly from me. So, if you disobey your trainer, then you are disobeying me. The penalty for disobeying me is death. So make your choices wisely, my loves. Is your pride worth dying over?”

The entire time Pike spoke, my trainer kept his pace. In and out he went, plundering my mouth with his… cock as Pike called it. As time went on, I could hear the sound of deep moans coming from the men, more gagging, and even spitting all around. A few slaps, even more cries, but I ignored all. I simply watched the face of my trainer tighten, his breathing increase, and his thrusts grow in aggression. A deep moan came from the depths of his belly and exited his lips on a growl. Hot liquid shot from his cock and coated the back of my throat, forcing me to swallow the salty, milky matter. I gagged and almost threw it back up, but forced it to stay down as my eyes filled with tears. My body heaved and I desperately needed to inhale a deep breath but his member still blocked my air passage. A new sense of panic set in when I wondered if I would choke, but was granted a reprieve when my trainer’s softening cock pulled out of my mouth completely. I gasped and shook, but managed to not vomit as some women did around me. He released my head from his grip, and with a gentle touch of his fingertip, he swiped at the remnants of his release that seeped from the corner of my mouth.

“Come,” he said softly, grabbing me beneath my arms and picking me off the ground.

My legs were weak and I could barely bear any weight. If it were not for him holding me up, I would have surely crumpled to the ground. Other trainers around me were hitting, kicking, shouting at the women, but my trainer did not. That did not mean he did not exude strength, and in fact, I felt he was the most powerful man in the room. Yet he did not abuse me as others did their assigned beauties.

“Sleep tight, my beauties. I shall see you all again soon,” I heard Pike call out from behind as my trainer led my exhausted body out of the auditorium.



Why was she not scared? Why did she not sob like the others? Plead? Resist in any way? She had simply stared at me, her blue eyes burrowing into my soul. I was no better than the devil whom I worked for, yet she showed no fear of me. And when I approached her and pulled out my cock, I didn’t have to force her… not really.

It was easy to tell she had no experience and didn’t know how to please, yet she had. She didn’t seem disgusted like the other women, who gagged and drooled all around being forced to suck their trainers off. She tried her best, it appeared. Why? The other trainers had to slap the faces of their women, pull their hair, and jam their cocks deep in their mouths to establish their dominance. But not me. My hands rested gently on each side of her face and nothing more. She required none of my force. I had no lesson to teach. And when she swallowed my cum, a look of satisfaction and pride seemed to wash over her face. Who was this woman?

She had to be a fool. Anyone with one look at me should see the evil inside. She should hate me, despise me, in fact. I was not sick in the head, but my soul was terminal. My death sentence had been set years ago. The day I decided to enter Pike’s realm of terror, I had allowed the cancer of evil to slowly eat away at the man I once was.

A naïve young man who thought he could change the destroyed world. An upcoming leader in the resistance, determined to take down the Pike reign at whatever cost. I was a man with a dream for the better. I thought I could win. I could master the king of darkness himself. All I had to do was infiltrate his world, study him, learn his weaknesses. That was all I had to do. Yet I failed. The only thing I learned was how powerful the man and his hold on the world was. It was so toxic that it poisoned me. It stole all the hope I had left. He mastered me. He won.

Day by day, as the darkness seeped into me, I realized one thing. This was the world we lived in. There was no point. No point to do anything more than survive.