Page 34 of Fallen Daughters


What the fuck was going on? I was a bastard, no doubt about that… but I stopped. She was right. I didn’t beat her. I didn’t fuck her. I should have. I fucking should have!

But something stopped me.

Her eyes. Her voice. Her pain.

My memories of a man I once was… but no longer could hold on to.

I had wanted to see the fear so goddamn badly that when I finally did, all I wanted to do was protect her. I wanted to do nothing more than to hold her, kiss her, tell her she was safe, and I wouldn’t let anyone harm her. But I couldn’t. That wasn’t the world we lived in. There was nothing I could do. I was just as helpless as she was.

Last night had fucked with my head. She was supposed to sleep on the floor, shackled like an animal. I had no idea why I tucked her into bed like a sweet little princess. Hell, it took all my might not to kiss her forehead and wish her sweet dreams. What was next? Would I read her a goddamn fairytale?

But as we walked into the auditorium, the fucking of my brain only got worse. I knew what Pike was going to do. He always did. This was his favorite way to scare all the women at once and show them what an asshole he truly was.

A nice and tidy row of dildos sat lined up on a bench. I knew they were all bolted down since I had helped make the piece of shit contraption. Each girl would be required to sit down, force that large fake cock up her ass, and sit like that for the rest of the day. They would be forced to watch others get tortured and even killed. The sick ruler loved this so much, and he would laugh maniacally the entire time.

My stomach coiled.

I looked at Eden and could see that she knew what that bench of plastic dicks was for. She knew and yet she kept walking forward. She didn’t scream. She didn’t try to flee. She didn’t look at me and beg for help. No. Not Eden.

She only marched forward to accept her fucked up fate.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered, hating that I was so damn weak. Where was the man I had once been? Where was the young soldier determined to kill Pike? Where the hell was he?

As we approached the bench, she looked up at me. Tears filled her eyes, but she didn’t let them fall. “Am I to sit on this?”

I nodded.

Others entered the room, and the cries and screams began. Trainers began forcing their slaves onto the bench. Howls of pain bounced off the walls and threatened to shatter the glass windows.

“Go slow,” I whispered, trying to block out all the misery around me. “You took this size last night. You can do it.”

She continued to stare at me as if she needed my gaze to give her strength. She too seemed to be blocking out all the chaos all around. She reached out her hands so I could steady her and give her balance as she eased herself down on the dildo.

“Stop,” I said. “Put the cock in your pussy first. Get it slick with your juices. It will help ease it in your ass.”

She paused—her eyes so fucking wide and beautiful—but then shifted her weight to do just that.

She was a fucking virgin! Was I really going to let her lose her fucking cherry to a cruel sexual torture device? I couldn’t!

I couldn’t!

I was not a monster! Or at least, I wasn’t always. Where was that man? Had I completely destroyed him?

I needed to die before I let this happen. She wouldn’t fight. She wouldn’t beg, not that it would do any good. So she needed me.

I needed to fight for her!

“Stop!” I said again, with enough force to startle her. I would throw myself down on a sword before I let her pierce her purity by such an evil creation.

“What?” she whispered, confusion in those eyes that were slowly melting all the twisted roots that had been surrounding my heart. Twisted roots that no one had been able to penetrate before. Twisted roots that were meant to keep out any humanity, any goodness, and trap in all evil. Her innocent and broken-soul eyes slashed at those roots like a mighty dagger.

“I’m going to put my hands around your neck,” I whispered into her ear, making it look as if I was threatening her. “I want you to struggle, gasp, and do whatever you can to make it appear like I am strangling you. You have to make it believable. If you don’t, we both die.”

She nodded, but never said a word.

Standing to my full height, I put my arms around her collared neck and nodded for her to begin. She let out a scream, then a gasp, some gagging, and allowed the tears to fall. She clawed at my hands. She writhed in fake pain. She acted like she was having the last breath stolen from her.