Page 54 of Fallen Daughters

She shook her head. “I just don’t know what to expect. I’ve never been spanked. It’s the not knowin’ that I am afraid of.”

He kissed her forehead again, and then her cheek. Her knees felt weak at receiving such a tender and loving gesture. “Well then, I reckon we fix that. Let’s take away your fear.”

“How?” she asked as she pressed her face into his shoulder.

“Remove your underclothes, raise your dress, and place yourself over my lap. It’s time I give you your wedding night spanking.” The way he gave the soft command only sent more tingles through her body, feelings far from fear. She had a suspicion that if she protested even a little, Rem would back down. But she didn’t want to. The idea of submitting to her new husband sent tingles from the tip of her toes to the top of her head.

With shaky hands—more from anticipation rather than fear—she did as he asked, completing the task and laying over his lap in one fluid motion. The air of the room wasn’t exactly cold—thanks to the fire roaring—but there was just enough chill that shivers ran up her spine and down her legs, making it very clear that her bottom was utterly exposed. Her fingertips rested on the floor, helping balance her, and she couldn’t help wonder if she weighed too much for his lap. The position didn’t exactly feel stable, but the minute he wrapped an arm around her and pulled her closer to his core, she knew he would never let her fall.

His other hand rested on her naked skin, and he started rubbing small circles along her flesh. “It pleases me very much to see what an obedient wife you already are.” He continued to caress her bottom as he spoke in a low voice. “I don’t think I will have to spank you often, but I want you to rest assured that I will if you misbehave, disrespect me, or ever put yourself in harm’s way.”

She remained silent. The words ‘yes, sir’ became trapped in her throat. The anxiety of what was to come muted her, until the first spank landed on her ass. An involuntary yelp escaped—not out of pain, but surprise.

And just like that, the spanking began. There was no yelling by Rem, no name-calling, no anger or hate. He simply peppered her behind, pausing here or there to fondle her skin. The spanking caused a heat and warmth to build from the place his palm connected with her body, all the way to her core.

With every spank, the heat deepened, and the sting intensified. Birdie tried to be a submissive wife and did her best to not cry out, but as the spanking continued, she couldn’t help the noises of distress to escape her body. Over and over, Rem’s wide palm spanked, and just when Birdie didn’t think she could take anymore, he stopped.

Holding her firmly to him, not allowing her to get off his lap, he asked, “Do you think that spanking was cruel? Was it something to be afraid of? Do you consider that a beating?”

She shook her head. “No, sir.” And she really meant it. There was nothing cruel about it. In fact, it felt…right.

Rem ran circles along her heated flesh, dipping his hand lower between her legs. His fingers ran along her silky folds, spreading signs of her arousal all over her pussy. She had not realized that moisture had pooled between her legs during Rem’s correction. Humiliation washed over her and she tensed, attempting to clamp her legs together to conceal her arousal. What must her new husband think of her? What kind of woman allows the demon of lust to come when being disciplined? He must think her wanton.

He removed his hand from between her clenched thighs and spanked her hard, one swat on each cheek. “Do not try to hide from me.” He dipped his finger back to her soaking quim. “It pleases me to see that my touch has this effect on my wife.” He moved his finger to her little pearl and caressed it ever so gently.

Birdie bucked up, surprised at such a powerful sensation. “Oh, sir!”

“I’m very pleased,” he growled, removing his hand and assisting her back to a standing position. “Remove your clothing please. I would like to see my wife fully.” The hunger in his eyes practically changed his appearance. He seemed predatory, yet she still did not fear him.

Heat radiated over her body, her pussy throbbing in need. If she had her way, she would have him play with her little pearl all night. The feeling of his hand on her most private of parts was most indecent, yet so tantalizing. Taking a moment to breath deep and try to gain some control of her licentious body, Birdie did what any dutiful wife would do. She removed all of her clothing and stood naked before her new husband.