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Placing the head of his dick at her entrance, he slowly eased in, pausing when he felt the wall of resistance. He knew this was the time where he fully claimed her. Her virginity would belong to him, just as she would.

“Take a deep breath and relax,” he ordered as he pushed firmly against the barrier and felt a slight ‘pop’ as Birdie cried out. “Shhh…” he cooed as he paused for a moment so she could adjust to his girth.

It was Birdie who began to thrust her hips up and down, demanding that he hold back no further. Taking her cue, he launched a steady rhythm of pushing in and out, while placing soft kisses along the ley of her neck. A steady staccato of his cock pulling out just enough to spread her opening, and then plummeting back inside, so deep he could feel where the inside of her quim ended, balls scraping along her outer lips. In and out, he claimed her. In and out, she gave herself to him. His Birdie. His wife. His everything.

Not being able to hold back his own pleasure any longer, he allowed the surge of his ecstasy to take over, filling his seed deep within his bride.

“Rem,” she called out, the sound so sweet on her pouty lips.

“Yes, my wife?”

“Will you ever let me go?”

“Never. Never. You are mine.”


Birdie woke up with a sense of freedom. It had taken her several days to come to terms that she indeed was safe. She would no longer have to deal with her pa. She was a married woman and now had a home to call her own. Rem was her husband and he would never let her go.

Rem and Anna Mae had been nothing but caring, understanding, and even loving. Rem was certainly firm and wouldn’t tolerate the slightest show of meekness. All it would take was one warning look or firm use of her name, and Birdie lifted her head proudly and even with a smile at times. Anna Mae was the same, but done so in a way that only Anna Mae could do. Harsh with her tongue, the woman always followed the lash with a loving touch or praise.

She didn’t know what it was like to have a home and a family—unless you considered the Bluebell homestead such—and even though this was all so new, Birdie did have a sense of belonging. Happiness…maybe.

The smell of coffee gave away that once again, Anna Mae beat her to the stove. No matter how hard Birdie tried, that old woman always was the first to rise. Birdie did everything within her power to take the home duties off Anna Mae’s shoulders, but if she wasn’t being shooed or told to sit and relax, then she was being beat to the job by having Anna Mae do it first.

“Anna Mae, you can sleep in at least on the holy day. I can make breakfast,” she said after she cleaned up and readied herself for the day.

“Hush now, girl. I have been making breakfast every day of my grown life. Don’t you expect me to go changin’ none.” She pointed to a bag of potatoes sitting by the table. “You can go ahead and start peeling those if you’d like. We’re going to have an early supper after church, so I want to get some work done ahead of time.”

“Church? Oh, well…I can make supper while you’re gone.”

“Nonsense. You’re going to church as well. You are a Langston now, and it is expected.”

Birdie walked over, sat down by the potatoes and started peeling. “I don’t think so. I’ve never been to church. I don’t think it’s any place for a Bluebell.”

“You’re going to church, ya hear,” Anna Mae said, waving her wooden spoon at her. “Ain’t no use in arguing. And don’t let Rem catch you callin’ yourself a Bluebell. You ain’t. You are a Langston, ya hear?”

“Not unless you want her to use that spoon on you,” Rem said with a chuckle as he entered the room. “And then have me use my belt to follow it up.” He leaned in and kissed her gently on top of her head. “Good morning, wife.”

She smiled at the kiss, but then continued on. “I really think it best I stay here,” Birdie argued again, realizing she had never peeled a potato before.

“You’re going to be sitting right next to me in church, young lady.” Anna Mae placed the biscuits in the oven and stoked the fire. “I’m going to go collect the eggs, but when I return, you better have made quick use of that present Rem bought you.” She looked over at a wrapped package on the edge of the table. “No sass from you.”

“Present?” Birdie looked at Rem, surprised and confused.

Rem smiled and nodded. “Go ahead and open it.”