Page 6 of Fallen Daughters

I nodded and softly said, “Yes, Daddy.” I didn’t want to die. I didn’t. I could do this. I could earn my credits. I already had one. Ninety-nine more to go. Ninety-nine more credits for my freedom and my life. I could do this. I had no choice but to do this. “What are you going to do to me?”

It suddenly dawned on me that I was still standing with my arms at my sides. Like I was a private in the army standing before a general.

Yes, sir.

No, sir.

Whatever you say, sir.

Only this time, the private was wearing nothing but a pair of white lace panties. I didn’t have to look down to know my nipples were hard, and I didn’t have to press my legs together to feel the leftover wetness from the kiss of the knife.

Knox took hold of my hair again and circled it around his hand. He then guided me out of the room as if my hair was a leash and I was his mangy mutt. We walked down the hallway, and I noticed that there were cameras placed in strategic places. Oz was watching. I could practically feel his eyes burning holes into my exposed flesh. When we reached the bathroom door, Knox turned to me with seriousness washed over his face. “We are going to start filming from the minute we walk into the bathroom. Oz will be watching every single moment. He wants a close-up recording so he can truly examine how grateful you are for your life and his mercy. Are you going to be able to behave and act as he would expect someone who wanted to earn reward credits would behave? I’m serious when I tell you that what you do from this point on is crucial. It will depend if you live to see tomorrow. So will you be able to do exactly as I say?”

I swallowed hard and took a deep breath. In a very tiny voice, I answered, “I think so… Daddy.” The word still felt foreign, but didn’t necessarily feel more fucked up or wrong than my current situation.

My body began to tremble with the overwhelming nerves exploding from inside, but I didn’t want Oz to see that anyone had the ability to break me. I would remain strong no matter what occurred on the other side of the door.

Knox’s face lit up, and he stroked the back of my head. The act didn’t feel loving, but rather condescending. Humiliation was clearly a tactic of his. “That’s my good girl. You just do as I say and don’t fight me in the slightest. Swallow that pride that will be raging inside of you. Your pride is only the first of what you will lose while here.” He took a deep breath, as if he was nervous of what was to come. Would Oz order him to kill me if I acted out? Most likely. “Once Oz sees that you are coming along nicely, he won’t require so much monitoring.” He opened the door and gave a nod to a man who stood at a video camera. “That is Gage. He will be recording this session tonight.”

I walked into the pristine bathroom, fiddling with my fingers as I gave Gage a small awkward nod. I was standing in nothing but my panties in front of a complete stranger. Two complete strangers, though I had already been more intimate with Knox than most men in my past. I didn’t know what to do or say to Gage, but I could see the red light was on the camera and knew that there was no turning back. Oz was watching.

“All right, my sparrow,” Knox began. “Let’s get you out of those panties.” His command was firm.

Only pausing to appreciate my breasts for a moment, Knox took hold of my panties, squatting as he pulled them down all the way to my ankles and lifted my feet one at a time to step out of them.

Glancing up and staring at my exposed and completely bare body, he scowled and stood up. “Naughty, naughty girl.”

I flinched at his words and the stern expression on his face. I had no idea what I had done wrong. I did exactly as he had asked.

“Only very bad girls have hair on their pussies,” he lectured.

I glanced down at my brown little curls of hair and then back at him in disbelief.

“We do not tolerate our soiled sparrow to ever have body hair. This is not acceptable.”

He took a step forward, lifted my arm, and ran his fingertips along my armpit, nodded, and then ran his hand down the front of my leg and nodded again.

“Lucky for you and your ass, you at least took care of the rest of your body hair. But,” he said as he went and sat on the edge of the tub, “you will still be punished.” He patted his lap, which I assumed meant he wanted me to lie over it.