Page 70 of Fallen Daughters

Silently I begged him to stop. Hoping somewhere deep inside he could read my mind and know how terribly sorry I was. I should have never tested him like that in the head. I should have never for one second have forgotten that he is my captor and my life was fully in his hands. I was a prisoner, not a guest.

Spank after spank, fire erupted from the depths of my ass and sizzled its way to the surface. Tears fell freely from my eyes and wheezing grew louder against the choking belt that Pike still held firmly against my neck.

“Would you like me to remove the belt?” he asked while still continuing to spank with fury.

I nodded my head, as it was the only thing I could do.

“Very well. But I am not done with it yet.” He paused in the blistering punishment and removed it from my neck. The rush of air that entered my body the moment the pressure released made my head spin with the intensity of oxygen my body so desperately hungered for.

I remained on my belly, absolutely still. I didn’t want to give him any reason to continue on and just prayed that he viewed my lack of movement as complete defeat. He was the victor in this battle. I was merely a fallen soldier hanging on by a thread. My prayers were not answered, however, when I felt the lash of leather crack against my already punished ass.

I screamed out in pain, but more out of shock than agony. “No,” I rasped, barely having a voice.


Pike whipped me with the belt again, and although I wanted to turn around and fight him from doing so, I knew I had no choice but to lie there and take it. I reached for my pillow with both of my hands and squeezed tight as the next blow came down harder than the one before.

“Are you a soldier or a slave?” he asked again as he licked me with the harsh sting of leather again.

“Slave,” I answered between clenched teeth.

“To who?” he asked as he whipped me again.

“To you!” I cried. “To you!”

“To who, what?” He cracked the belt against me again, this time to the spot where my ass met my thighs. “Call me sir!”

“I am your slave, sir. I am yours,” I said as I struggled for air. Between a still sore throat, and the belt lashing, I could barely squeak the words out.

“Good girl,” he said as he tossed the belt to the side of the bed. He replaced the belt with the palm of his hand and began caressing my flesh that burned at the most gentle of touch.

I hissed in response.

“Remember that, slave. Your survival will depend on you understanding that you are no longer a soldier. You lost that title the moment the lifeblood left your body. You are a Pallid Slave, and as long as you are on this ship, you are my slave.”

I nodded between ragged breaths.

“Never question. Never disobey. Never for one second act like the trained soldier you once were. You are a captured slave now. Nothing more.” He dipped his finger between the juncture of my thighs and collected the juices of my heated sex on his fingertips and brought them to my nose. “Do you smell your arousal?” He raised them to my eyes. “Do you see how wet you are?” He brought his fingers to my mouth and pressed them past my lips. “Do you taste it?”

He forcibly swirled his fingers along my tongue, giving me no choice but to suck his fingers into my mouth, tasting my own musky essence. I had never been this aroused, let alone known what it smelled like, looked like, or tasted like. I stared into his eyes and licked his fingers clean.

“You like discipline, you like pain.”

I shook my head with his fingers still invading my mouth. “No,” I mumbled against his fingers.

“Yes,” he argued with a slight smile. “Your body betrays you.”

Fuck. How could this be? I hated him. I hated everything about it…and yet I wanted his finger to return to my pussy and rub my clit. I wanted his touch. I wanted it more than anything. I hungered. I craved. I needed. My ass burned, my neck throbbed, but my soul burned for more. I wanted it again. Choke me, beat me, and please oh please fuck me.

He said I would remember right now forever. Forever I would remember.

Pulling his fingers away from my mouth, Pike put his face right up to mine. So close that I could feel his breath against my lips. “I will not tolerate. I will not forgive. Where my brother may care, I do not. My brother may be nice; I am anything but. My brother possesses everything that I do not. Remember that.”