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I paused for a moment, considering if I even cared about the pain radiating from my ass and neck. Did I want to keep the pain? It was mine. With the pain, at least I felt something besides the numbness of my heart.

“Truth, roll over,” he said again as he pushed my lifeless body over so I laid on my stomach. I didn’t care anymore. What did anything matter?

Trinity, I’m coming, I silently said. I’m coming soon.

“I know you feel lost,” Cross said as if reading my mind. “As if you have no hope at all.”

I remained silent, waiting until Cross left so I could end it all.

“I didn’t mean to make you feel that going to Canary was certain death. It isn’t. I can see you are a strong woman. I’m sure you can survive and figure out a way to change your situation. Not everyone dies. Not everyone gives up.”

“It doesn’t matter,” I mumbled into my pillow.

Cross’s fingertip traced the welts of my ass with a cold cream and I cried out. The burn!

“Stop!” I screamed. “Whatever that is, is blistering my skin!” I bucked up and tried to fling him off of me, but Cross held me firmly in place.

“It will go away soon. Allow it to soak in.”

“No! It hurts!” The ointment hurt far worse than the belting itself. “Get it off me!” I began to sob, no longer owning a single ounce of strength. “Please. I can’t take anymore.”

Cross gathered me into his arms and cradled me against his chest. “Shh,” he soothed as he dipped his fingers into the jar again and ran them along the rawness of my neck. “It will all be gone soon. Shhh.”

I just cried. Hollow. Burning. Alone.

“I’m here,” Cross said as he tried to ease all the feelings of despair. “I’m here.”

“It feels like fire, Cross. I hurt,” I cried as I pressed my face into his comforting chest.

Cross stroked my hair, placing soft kisses onto my forehead. “I know. I can make it better. I can take away the pain if you choose.” Cross pulled away enough to look at me. “My lifeblood can help soothe your pain. If we connect, if I’m inside of you, my love can completely steal the pain from your body…if you allow me to take you.”

I had heard that the light of lifeblood could have healing powers when engaged in intimacy, but at the same time, that was all believed to be a myth.

“Your gold—”

“Heals,” he interrupted. “The only way I know how to make it work is by being inside of you.” He ran his hand along my burning flesh. “Let me take it all away.”

I nodded. “Yes, please! Take me, Cross. I want to feel you inside of me,” I begged. I wanted to be relieved of the excruciating pain which coursed through my body, but more than anything else, I wanted to feel Cross’s cock buried deep within me. Something had been awoken inside of me via the pain of the punishment by Pike’s hand. My needs, my desire, my lust all bubbled to the surface, begging for satisfaction. This was what I had wanted from Pike. And I would also finally feel the power of lifeblood once again. Not mine, not my sister’s, but regardless, I would feel it once again.

Cross glared into my hunger-filled eyes and softly began to speak. “I will have you tonight, Truth. I will take you and make you mine. Completely.”

I could feel the lust-induced power begin to take over. His voice echoed, his face blurred. Gold light emanated from his body, and a heat burned between our connecting flesh. My eyes rolled back in my head for a moment while the spell took over my entire being.

He lowered me onto my back, careful not to cause any more pain to my punished ass. I could feel his light touch along the surface of my skin. Unable to open my eyes and too weak to move, I had no choice, but to succumb to the sense of feel alone. The cloak of darkness my eyelids provided heightened every stroke and every glide of his warm touch. The sound of his zipper lowering and his own clothes being removed, tortured me with the need to see him nude before me.

“Cross,” I moaned.

“Yes, Truth. In moments, you will feel nothing but pleasure. Nothing but intense sexual need.” Cross placed a trail of soft kisses along my stomach. “Relax, Truth. Submit, yield, relinquish your body and soul to me.”

His hands moved along the soft mounds of my breasts, gently massaging my fiery skin. He lowered his mouth to one of my hardened nipples and began to trace his tongue along the tip. I moaned as the inferno slowly eased from my body. Cross continued to lick as his hand caressed my pussy. Two fingers trailed down the wet folds before finding my welcoming entrance. He pressed his fingers inside, causing a gasp to escape my lips. The gold lifeblood from just his fingers sent a surge of healing power through me. I wanted more! I wanted his cock—so full of light.