Page 75 of Fallen Daughters

“Did my brother fuck you last night?” he purred into my ear as his free hand ran along the edge of my hip.


A sharp spank to my ass revealed he did not like my answer.

“Yes, sir. Cross fucked me,” I corrected. The saliva in my mouth dissipated as the nerves took over. Would he be angry? Would he be jealous? Did he want to be the man who had fucked me instead?

“And did you like it?”

I nodded, which earned me two very hard swats to my ass again. My pussy throbbed with each swat. I hungered for more.

“Yes, sir. I did.”

He ran his fingertips along the surface of my upturned butt and dipped between the crease, running them from my anus, to my taint, to my weeping hole, to my clit. “Look how wet you are.” He pushed a finger past my folds and into my pussy and began pumping it in and out. “What gets you so wet, slave?”

“You,” I barely said between my gasps.

“Elaborate,” he demanded, adding a second finger to the one already finger-fucking me.

“Your dominance. Your control. You.”

He took his palm off of mine and used his hand to start spanking me while he fingered me at the same time. The combination of pleasure and pain had me moaning and writhing against the coldness of the table. The spanking was not gentle, and his fingers thrust firmly inside of me. Rising up on my tiptoes with every thrust, I finally cried out.


“Please what?” he asked as he pumped and spanked, never easing up in the slightest.

“Please, I can’t take anymore.” I didn’t truly want him to stop, but I needed more. I needed so much more.

Whether it was my cries, or the sounds of the spanking echoing through the ship, Cross walked into the galley to see what was going on. His eyebrow rose when I made eye contact with him but he said nothing. He simply stood and watched Pike spank and finger me as I lay helplessly over the table.

“Do you want to fuck me?” he asked as if he didn’t notice Cross who only stood a few feet away.


“Why do you want to fuck me, if you can fuck my brother?”

I didn’t answer.

“Do you need another belting? Answer me, or I will, and it will be far worse than the one I gave you last night.”

“I want to fuck you both,” I admitted between a deep moan.

“Both?” he said as he paused in the spanking, but kept his two digits still firmly planted inside my cunt.

“Yes, sir. I want both of you to fuck me.”

Pike pulled out his fingers and stood me up, turning him to face me. “Go to your room, and wait there.”

His words were firm, and I knew that regardless of the fact that I wanted him so desperately, I would do whatever he commanded. Reaching down for my pants, I pulled them up and scurried to my room, glancing over my shoulder one last time to see that Cross and Pike were both staring at each other.

I entered my room, removed my clothing even though I was not instructed to do so, and I lay on my bed and waited.

Someone walked into the room, and I could smell my own arousal. I could almost taste the sexual need as I splayed naked across the bed. My milky-white curls concealed parts of my breasts, allowing my hard nipples to peek between my cascading hair. My pale body glistened in the light of the room as I writhed in want.

“Pike?” I questioned.

“No. I’m here to prepare you for him,” Cross answered softly.

“I want Pike too.”

“He will join us soon.” Cross moved to the bed. “Place your arms above your head,” he commanded.

I hesitated for a moment. Any doubt I may have had was overpowered by the seductive drug that had been cast on me by the spanking from Pike. I noticed Cross’s dilated eyes twinkle with arousal as I gradually brought my hands over my head. My lips parted in desire, beckoning him for the simplest of touch. I arched my back just enough to thrust out my hardened nipples, pleading for him to take them under his control. He reached for each of my wrists, wrapped them with a metal chain, and hooked them to the headboard of the bed. He then grabbed each ankle and repeated the step of securing me to the bed.

“Kiss me,” I gasped, as the memories of last night came rushing in.

Looking down, I could see the moisture along the soft folds of my pussy. I gyrated my hips in desperate need to be satisfied. The sexual hex that Cross and Pike cast on me was all-powerful. It left me craving, needing, longing, and begging for more. I could feel the lingering magic of Pike’s simple touch between my legs. Just the short time under Pike’s dominance earlier had left me hungry for more.