Page 76 of Fallen Daughters

Cross slowly and seductively began to remove each item of his own clothing. Each movement he made had me groaning for more. My exposed pussy delicately dripped in anticipation for what I had in store. I tested my restraints and felt a surge of excitement when I realized I couldn’t move at all.

“First rule is never command. You are not the one in charge.” He straddled my body and pressed his cock against my pussy. “Pike is the one to give commands. Only Pike.”

He lowered his mouth to my hardened nipple and began to suck. He sucked and nibbled while softly massaging my mound with his calloused hand. Cross moved his mouth to the other nipple and continued to drive me to the edge of pleasure.

“More!” I begged as I flung my head in wild abandon.

He stopped stroking my clit and briskly slapped the swollen folds. “I see that you don’t understand that you are not the one in control. Pike will not tolerate being told what to do.” He slapped my pussy once again, releasing a moan I could no longer hold back. “You obviously need to be trained before his arrival.”

“Yes, please,” I begged as I thrust my hips to meet his with more force. The idea of being “trained” tantalized every nerve ending in my body.

Cross reached for his pants on the floor beside the bed. He pulled out a pair of gold nipple clamps that were adorned with small rubies. I had never had jewelry placed on the most intimate of places. Still straddling me, Cross grabbed one of my hardened nipples and very gently clasped the biting teeth. I let out a gasp as my back arched. I watched the slight smile of satisfaction on Cross’s face, before it returned back to the sedated look of pleasure. Bending down, he softly placed his lips to mine, giving a kiss as a reward for my ability to accept the jewelry.

“Very good,” he whispered between the kiss.

Cross slowly lowered his lips to the other nipple and lightly licked along the surface. Grabbing the other nipple clamp, he tenderly applied it, to join the first. He sat up and took in the sight of me writhing beneath him. The gold, the jewels, my breasts, and the beginning of my submission were capturing his stare. I could see in his passion-filled eyes that he loved that he had the power to dominate, the power to control, and the power to please. Cross may not have that power outside the bedroom, with Pike looming over, but he certainly did now. When it came to women, he and his brother had learned and mastered how to demand ecstasy. I only wanted to submit.

He closed his eyes and slowly took in the aroma of my sex as he lowered his mouth to my wanting pussy. Pressing his tongue lightly to my ivory-white skin, he began to lick his way up and down the folds of my dripping wet mound. He danced his tongue in a circle around my clit, causing my moans to become more of a scream. He pressed his finger past the entrance of my pussy, feeling the heat of my passion.

“That feels so good…so good,” I moaned as I felt the lifeblood light enter me once again.

Cross hooked his finger into the depths of my pussy and reached for his pants once again. He pulled out a clear glass dildo, lined with red and gold crystals. He took the clear penis and rubbed it along my wet folds, collecting my moisture. Ever so gently, he replaced his thrusting finger with the large dildo. Once the dildo was snugly in my depths, he slowly and tortuously moved it in and out of me. The ridges from the crystals scraped along the inner lining of my pussy causing a captivating pain mixed with pleasure.

I gasped at the intrusion and began to gyrate my hips in desperation. “Fuck me. Make me come. I need to come!”

Without pause, Cross unhooked me from my wrist and ankle restraints, and flipped me onto my stomach. “I warned you about issuing the commands.” He swatted my creamy white behind. “You are to submit, you are to accept, you are to surrender.” He spanked my ass again. “You are to do only as Pike requests…nothing more. Or you will suffer the most severe consequences.”

He grabbed the remaining item from his pants. Pulling out a steel butt plug, he rubbed the ruby that decorated the base with the tip of his finger. Smaller gold gems circled the ruby, making it sparkle in the soft light of the room. Using my wetness from my revealing sex, he lubricated my tight hole with his finger. In and out, slowly, he stretched my anus so I would be able to accept the last of the jewelry. Hopefully Pike would be pleased with the jeweled items chosen, as well as the frenzied state his victim was in.