Page 78 of Fallen Daughters

Pike let out a long satisfied groan at my words and thrust even deeper, spreading me wide.

They brought something out of me that I’d never known. A part of me the soldier I had been trained to be never had the chance to experience. They’d shown me the salacious, raw woman inside who asked for what I wanted, and liked it.

“Say it again.” Pike’s voice was a growl.

I answered with a ferocious growl of my own. “I want you both. Fuck me, Pike. Fuck me hard.” I’d never felt so powerful as when he swelled within me. I looked into Cross’s dark lust-filled eyes and added, “Take me in the ass, Cross. Claim me there.” I arched up, clenching my internal muscles around Pike’s cock, waiting for them to give me what I so desperately needed.

He roared as I clamped down on him like a vise, and then pulled out of me roughly. He laid on his back and positioned me to straddle his body, thrusting his cock in me without even seconds passing to miss the fullness of his possession. Cross mounted the bed and pulled back my hips to get in position for him to take me at the same time. I closed my eyes and rode up and down Pike’s shaft as I felt Cross pull the butt plug free from my anus, replacing it quickly with the tip of his cock.

“This will hurt,” Cross warned.

“Yes,” I panted. God I wanted it to hurt. I wanted to feel the pain.

He grunted, surging forward, holding me immobile so I could adjust to the size of his dick stretching my ass while Pike stretched my pussy. I wanted to scream, to moan, to beg for them to stop, but at the same time, I wanted to beg for them to begin. Wave after wave of conflicting emotion and feelings washed over me. Pain versus pleasure. Submit versus resist.

Cross eased past my puckered entrance, while Pike began thrusting slowly, setting a tempo for the both of them. In and out, back and forth, the two of them fluidly controlled my body. The pressure, the fullness, the bite—so much that I had no choice but to succumb fully to their control. I released everything to them and truly became a slave to their mastery.

“Harder,” I said, pressing back against Cross, while Pike pulled slowly out of me, only to have him thrust in once again. “Fuck me harder.”

“Say it again,” Pike demanded.


They moved rough and fast, pumping furiously until I felt the hot jets of both their climaxes deep within, and a screaming release tore through me, leaving me shaking and gasping for air. My quivering walls milked them dry while they both regained their composure. A warm heat flowed through my veins, reminding me of the feeling of when I once had lifeblood of my own. Both brothers held me, preventing me from collapsing fully while they kept their cocks still firmly implanted inside of me.

I couldn’t speak, not that I would know what to say if I could. The smell of sex mixed with the thick silence of the room. Even though the three of us were all physically joined as one, we were distant and deep within our own selves. Pleasured, replete, satiated, and yet…there seemed to be a sense of longing cast over our intertwined bodies. Their lifeblood flowed through me, but at the same time, I felt darker than ever before.


I sat and watched Pike eat. Waiting for him to look up at me. Hoping that maybe just once he would acknowledge my presence in any way except to punish me. Was it possible for Pike to feel anything toward me? Could he ever be anything but an authoritative disciplinarian? Did I not have any hold of his heart at all?

It had been 700 hours. 700 hours of travel toward our final destination. Canary waited for me. Death waited for me.

Other than the one incident, Pike hadn’t claimed my body again. He had punished me several times, sometimes severely and other times with a lighter hand. He tolerated very little and had zero patience. Some of the times were deserved for acting out due to boredom, or raising hell because I felt like the walls of the ship were often closing in on me. But there were times that he would pull the belt from his pants and take it to me simply because he could.

I wondered if he knew how much I liked it. I did. His dominance. His power. The bite of the leather against my flesh. The act of being punished nude before him. All of it. I loved it all. Craved it even. Maybe it was my soul craving the punishment for allowing Trinity to die. Or maybe it was simply the fuel I required to light the fire within. Regardless of why, I waited in anticipation for the next strike of his hand.