Page 81 of Fallen Daughters

My bedroom door slid open again. Pike entered, saying, “Regardless of what you may think of me, I do not wish you harm. Canary is a dangerous planet, but you will be fine. You are trained to survive.” Pike’s voice snapped my head to look in the direction of the doorway that he stood in. He walked toward me and pulled me from Cross’s embrace and placed his palms on both sides of my arms. “You need to trust that Cross and I can’t provide nor give you what you need. You are far better off anywhere else than with us.”

I closed my eyes for a moment, searching my entire being for the power to not burst in tears and beg to be loved. I had to maintain some pride. “Fine. If I can’t have you, then I want this moment. I want this moment to feel you. I have less than twenty-four hours left.” I tentatively pressed my palm to his chest. “I want this moment to taste you.” I lowered my hand to the bulge in Pike’s pants. “I want this moment to feel your cock between my lips.” I quickly undid his pants releasing him from his confines. “I want you both again. Just this one last time.”

Pike stood still, never making a move to stop me in my mission. I took this as a sign to continue on. I knelt down, softly placed his hardened cock on the base of my tongue, and closed my lips tightly around him. Looking up into his eyes, I began to move my mouth up and down along his shaft. Pike never looked away. He never closed his eyes for a moment. He watched as I began my seduction. I tightened my lips and worked my tongue in small circles along the entire length. His taste, his smell, and his entire aura were everything I imagined.

Pike reached for my hair to stop me. “Truth,” he moaned.

I looked up into his eyes with his cock still in my mouth. I pulled it out enough to whisper, “Don’t, Pike. I’m not just a Pallid Slave you are hired to transport. I am a woman with desires, needs, and a hunger for you and your brother.” I lowered my mouth down to the base of his cock and slowly back to the tip. Removing his penis just enough to speak again, I rasped, “Let me pleasure you.”

Pike closed his eyes and threw his head back in euphoric surrender. I knew I had won this battle. I smiled wickedly at my success and continued my quest to please Pike like he had never been.

“No. Stop,” Cross ordered. “This isn’t right.” He looked at Pike who now pushed me back and put his cock back in his pants. “We talked about this, Pike. The bond.”

Clearly Cross and Pike had felt the lifeblood connection and discussed it. Cross also hadn’t tried to have sex with me since, and now it was all starting to make sense. They had made some kind of pact.

“Well I’m glad I was included in this little agreement of yours,” I snapped as I fell to the floor, not caring to stand. “So because there was something special that happened between me and your lifebloods, you decided between the two of you that it is wrong. Without letting me in on that discussion?” I shrugged and closed my eyes in defeat. “I guess I am nothing but a Pallid Slave after all.”

“I’m sorry, Truth,” Cross said as he lifted me up and placed me on the edge of the bed. “We weren’t sure if you felt what we did. And yes, it scared us. We both had never experienced anything like that before, and we had a feeling it would only get stronger if we continued on. Because of the circumstances, we had to put a stop to it.”

I laid down on my bed and turned my back to the brothers. “Fine. I understand. I am a slave awaiting delivery.” I took a deep breath so my voice wouldn’t crack and reveal my pain. “I’m tired. Can you both leave so I can get some rest? Tomorrow is going to be a big day for me, and I really should be rested. My life may depend on it.”


I sat in my room and waited. I had been up most of the night, terrified of what was to come. Sad about leaving Cross and Pike even though neither wanted me. They had both made that very clear. I thought of my sister and wondered what she would suggest I do. I think deep down, I knew what she would say. Overpower the brothers. Take over the ship. Kill or be killed. Trinity was always more ruthless when it came to terms of survival, and she was the one dead. There was a part of me that knew she was right. I should fight to take over the ship. There were only two of them, and I had certainly killed more than two men at a time. I was skilled, and I could use my submission to fool them and take them by surprise. I could do this. I should do this. It wasn’t like either one of them had my best interest in mind. They were delivering me to a planet that meant almost certain death. I had to look out for myself. Kill or be killed. Yes, kill or be killed.