Page 89 of Fallen Daughters

“Dominance,” I admitted. “Power. Control. You say all you did was cause me pain, but the pain caused me pleasure. You lit my body aflame with every touch you gave me, no matter how harsh it may have been.”

His eyebrow rose up, and a devilish grin spread across his face. “I see…”

“I loved Cross. God, how I loved him. But he couldn’t give me the strength I needed. You could…you did.”

He lightly placed his palm at my neck. “And when I choked you?”

“I haven’t felt claustrophobia since.”

“And when I spanked you?” He swatted my behind, causing me to flinch and gasp at the same time.

“I melted inside. My pussy throbbed.”

“And when I fucked you?” He dipped his hand past the waistband of my pants and toyed with the curls on my mound.

“I never felt more alive.”

He put his lips so close to mine that I could feel his heavy breath. “And if I told you I wanted to fuck you right now, what would you say?”

“I would say no. Just so you can fucking take me anyway.”

I smiled up at Pike, and we both knew the time had come. When I tried to offer assistance in shedding my clothing, he slapped my hands away, lowering me to the floor of the galley. Effortlessly, he shed me of my clothing, never breaking his stare with mine. When he removed his own clothing and stood before me in all his nude glory, I couldn’t help but moan in anticipation.


“Don’t talk,” he interrupted and climbed on top of me, lowering his mouth to mine. “Do only what I say.” He kissed me long and deep. He tasted of life, and hope, and sweetness. He stroked his hands up and down my body, batting away my hands every time I reached for him.

“Don’t make me tie you,” he hissed. “Only move when I tell you.”

Moving lower down my body, he cupped my hot-skinned mound in his hands, clearly pleased to find me wet with my legs spread wide. I was always ready for him. I would never have denied him. Never turn him away. I would never truly say no.

Breaking his rule, I reached for him, he was thick and hard, the massive girth of his cock swollen and leaking. Just for me.

“Let me suck on you,” I pleaded. “I want to taste you again.”

Pike granted me my wish and straddled my neck so his cock rested in front of my face. Moving fast, I sucked him deeply into my mouth, running my tongue along the tip, luxuriating in the heady taste of him. I wanted more.

I raked my nails down his chest and pulled him into my throat until he bottomed out, delightfully gagging me with his size. Still, I tried to take more, until I gagged again, and my mouth salivated. My lips spread wide, he was too big. I’d never get enough of him. His smell and taste were drugs working on my system. The heat of his body, the comfort of his solidity, a balm to an existence that had become fraught, rocky, and confusing.

Pike stood at the center of my universe, rigid and impregnable. Constant. Reliable.

“Come for me, Pike,” I mumbled around his hard flesh, anxious for the flavor of his release. He groaned when I palmed his sack, squeezing gently. “Give me your come. I need to taste you.”

He thrust against my throat, his hips working, pushing deeper.

“I need you.” I tried to say it, but it came out muffled. He didn’t care, and neither did I.

His fingers dug into my scalp as he pulled my face tighter against his groin, and speech was impossible, so I just hummed around him.

The pre-cum of his desire coated my tongue, thick, heavy, and sweet. I moaned as the serum’s aphrodisiac worked through my body, setting nerves tingling. I swallowed him down, sucking until he would have no choice but to release fully into the back of my throat, but he resisted.

“No, I want to fill your pussy with my seed.”

Frantically, he lowered himself down and reached for his cock to guide the brutal length of him between my thighs, pressing past my slick folds, claiming me once again. He rose up his hips and slammed back down, pounding into me with everything he had.

One of his hands closed over my breast, fingers strumming my nipple. I groaned as I arched my back, silently begging for more. I wanted him deeper. I wanted to feel his possession so deep that I would truly feel as if we blended as one. I couldn’t get enough of him. It was as if my body was starved and it was Pike who gave me life.

“Deeper,” I moaned.

He groaned out a wordless answer, deep in his throat and my stomach coiled tight at the rasping sound. Flipping us over, he lay on his back and had me straddle him, riding his cock. I bobbed up and down as his eyes watched my tits bounce. I liked having the power to give him pleasure. I could see it in his black eyes. I could feel it coming from his white flesh. I pleased him and that very knowledge brought on a wave of euphoria as a tidal wave came crashing down.