Page 9 of Fallen Daughters

“But,” he said as he shut the shower off, “bath time is not fully over yet. Although I will give you another credit for remaining so still.”

He reached for my hand and helped me out of the bathtub. I groaned in disappointment, and my head felt a little light from getting up so quickly. My bare pussy screamed in protest with the need for completion, but there was nothing I could do. I was at my monster’s mercy.

“Dry her off while I get a new angle,” Gage said as he lifted the camera that was on a tripod to a different spot in the bathroom. “Oz will want to see every bit of the enema clearly.”

“Enema?” I asked as Knox wrapped a pink fluffy towel around my body.

“Yes, Esme. Bath time is to get all parts of your body clean. My guess is that you have never had one,” Knox said as he went under the sink and pulled out what looked like a large rubber whoopee cushion deflated and some plastic tubing.

“No, I haven’t.”

Knox looked over his shoulder with a stern look and Gage came up from behind and swatted me hard on the butt. Luckily, my towel helped block some of the sting, but it still had me yelping.

“No, what?” Knox asked with warning laced in his words.

“No… no, Daddy. I have never had an enema before.” I didn’t want one. Unlike the idea of a spanking, this did not give me butterflies in my tummy. This didn’t look like it would be worth any credit at all.

“Which is exactly why you are going to receive one,” Gage said as he walked back toward the camera. “You need to be nice and clean for any anal discipline.”

“But I…” I looked at Knox and felt panic as I stood there trying to process what was going to happen. I really had no idea what an enema felt like, what it would do, or if I would truly even hate it.

“Now, now, Esme,” Knox said and placed the enema tools on the floor. He stood up and smiled, offering a look of kindness, which did help… a little. Very lightly, he placed his palm on my tightly closed fist that clasped my towel securely around me.

“Let go of the towel,” he commanded softly, which I didn’t hesitate in doing.

He spread the towel on the tiled floor and looked at Gage, who nodded that he was ready to continue with the video.

He squatted and patted the fluffy pink fabric. “Kneel down on the towel and get on all fours.”

I glanced at the camera and could see that the red light was on. For a split second, I thought about running. All I had to do was grab my clothes and be out the door and into freedom. I could leave. I could flee this house and never look back. Maybe I could reach the cops before Oz and his goons got a hold of me again.

Make wise choices, the words of my mother rang in my ears.

Yes, running wasn’t wise.

But I knew they would catch me, and the punishment… would be severe.

Not wanting Knox to have to repeat himself, I did as he asked and got on all fours, my ass facing the camera. Knox patted my behind, reminding me of the spanking I had just received. I wondered if it was red or bruised. I was sure Oz, who was watching this video, enjoyed seeing the signs that I had just been spanked. He probably wished I was bleeding while lash after lash scarred my creamy flesh.

“You are such a good girl,” Knox praised. “Daddy is going to take all the bad away from your body. Every single toxin left inside. You just have to endure for a short time, and I will give you two credits for good behavior.”

I could see him pull the enema bag and nozzle his way as he positioned himself behind me. I heard the snap of a bottle, some shuffling around, and the feel of a wet nozzle touching my anus.

“Okay, I’m going to put this tube in this tiny little hole of yours. It will sting as it stretches you, but I want you to be a good girl and not give me any tears. Take it up the ass without a fight, and just know it won’t be the last thing spreading your hole wide.”

As the tube entered inside of me, I gasped at the foreign sensation. It didn’t hurt, but it felt odd having something inserted in a place so… private. As it entered all the way inside, Knox spread my legs wider and then pressed down on my back, forcing the front half of me to lie flat on the floor. My breasts pressed firmly against the terrycloth, and my butt high on display caused my face to burn in humiliation. I could feel the cool air of the room on my stretched anus and along my bare pussy. I knew that there wasn’t a part of my privates not on full display for the camera.